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The city’s definitive best-dressed list: Toronto’s 12 most stylish people

Toronto's Most Stylish
Toronto's Most Stylish

Maryam Keyhani
– 29–

Stomping grounds

By day
Jewellery designer.

Clean lines with a touch of the surreal.

Known for
“I started wearing hats after falling in love with Marlene Dietrich’s top hat in Morocco. I love the play between the masculine and feminine.”

Why make jewellery?
“My wardrobe was always simple, so I felt like it was lacking a way to express my over-the-topness. So I thought, why don’t I make these pieces myself?”

Style credo
“Everyone has that one thing that they feel comfortable in or that looks great on them, that one silhouette. It’s really about taking those elements and pushing them.”

She’s wearing
Vintage hat, Givenchy leopard jacket, Cos pants, Jil Sander for Uniqlo top, Fendi belt, Maryam Keyhani necklace.

  • carey

    boy, i’m so glad that there were no “overweight”, “mildly obese” or even heavy-set people on that list. it is definitely easier to hang nice clothes on human hangers; the draping sits so easily

  • Helvetica


    Martin12 is no hanger. That’s for sure. ;) give him a hug next time you’re in Uncle O. But I hear you.

  • Bruce

    Meanwhile in Africa…

  • boooooooring

    this is the most boring list ever. there have to be some more interesting/ stylish people in toronto than this crap. you should have let the people vote instead of throwing something together overnight.

  • jjpb19

    My mom is more stylish than these hipster-yuppie try hards. Gawd awful.

  • iconice

    Like virtually everyone in Toronto, milquetoast… to a person.

  • Junction Triangle

    What’s with renaming the Junction Triangle? Is Ryan to hip to refer to his neighborhood by its actual name – too low brow perhaps.

  • corky

    A bit of a let down here. Rather than hitting the usual suspects, might have been better to pick a few new faces. We’ve seen most of these before. “Designers” and “stylists” aren’t the only ones that know how to dress, ya know.

  • Scott

    4 of your 12 ‘stomp’ around Yorkville and another sells for Holts. Jano is a “Mountaineering rugged dude,” you guys really nailed Toronto with this article!

  • Caitie

    Gonna break-away from the usual negative, condescending, TL comments and say Maryam looks fab. Love a good hat.

  • the chairman

    Both “overweight”, and “mildly obese” people you describe are in quotations, but the heavy-set people – are not ?! What is up?

  • cl

    ultra-boring as usual toronto life – pablum. this is why real people with class and style don’t play or shop in canada. canada has a horrible art and fashion scence. all these lame bloggers and magazines, whatever media just support each other like a 12 step program….no substance, one big pathetic family. anythign for swag! come on, have some discretion. really this is too pathetic, “I shop in Yorkville, so you have to respect me, i take pics of my meals at restaurants and tweet them”….get a life. useless, just tired of all these twits who get attention fo rdoing nothing ehen the real talent is left in obscurity b/c they’re not attractive enough. all these flakes are social-climbing vapid PR idiots who contribute nothing to society except marketing each other’s crap. Ya, menawhile in Africa and we just Layton….now that’s a shame…but i know where these idiot’s buy their image from !!! blaaahhhi hate living in canada, so boring, i don’t want to be around these louses when i go out to check out something, can’t wait for vacation to france and sweden

  • DA

    Dear cl,

    PLEASE go to Sweden or France.

  • cl

    awww. someone is a loser who looks up to louse….did the truth hurt yoru feelings. haha, ya babe, i’m going to france and if you found out who what why and where of my itinerary (or who i am) you would wet your pants. you are a bore, don’t be jealous, own your mediocrity

  • cl

    i’ll save you my swag bags form TIFF, i never even take that crap – who wants to carry random shit around like a plebian

  • Angelia

    What a horrible list – all unattractive people except for the lovely pregnant ladies. This a true reflection of the judges; themselves not at all the least bit stylish or have any sort of taste (Anita Clarke?? Please..who dresses her?); also a reflection of Toronto – how embarrassing – these are our fashionable people omg!!; you should have stuck with the regular style setters of the city. This is why Toronto will never be a hip city or ever command any attention internationally; we have morons who think people like this list are the city’s best – better luck next year; won’t go out and buy this mag. Btw – the cover girl looks like she woke up from 1978 – that look isn’t’ even in style…

  • Spiro Mandylor

    Bought the style issue a few days ago. Great job. Bloody Toronto haters never give up! I think it’s a great list of 12.

  • annieo

    You must be very important and famous indeed. That’s why you’re here trolling the pages of Toronto Life. Eurodink!

  • 456


    you need help. get some help.

  • jen

    hey toronto life, your next issue should feature the 12 ANGRIEST people in toronto. you’ve got your top 3 right here. lighten up people.

  • An Attractive Woman

    That Joe Amio is quite good looking. I find him attractive.

  • danielle

    You also need to sober up and/or go back to school to learn how to compose a coherent sentence.
    Other Toronto haters:
    Take your self-loathing and smother yourselves with it. So sick of the whining.

  • Cat


  • KR

    Maybe if I worked in retail/fashion and got my clothes free/discounted I could be on this list too.

  • Janica

    @ Carey

    All of the people on the list had healthy-looking bodies, I don’t know what you’re complaining about. “Obese” is in no way easy to look at, no matter what its wearing.

  • Stef

    @CL – You seem like the sort of person that bores easily. What makes you think that you’re going to find what you’re looking for in either France or Sweden? I’ve had it up to *here* with self loathing bums that are so convinced that they need to travel to the other side of the planet for style and sophistication. Get your head our of your ass, why don’t ya?

    Also Bruce (“meanwhile in africa”) I think you’re reading the wrong publication. lol.

  • suchick

    The “definitive” list of Toronto’s best dressed ? No. But that’s the great thing about fashion. It’s highly personal.

    In my personal opinion, with the exception of Ashley, Amanda and Samantha (boring up-market off the rack “Oooh look at me !! I have money and shop at the right stores therefore, ipso facto, I have taste and style..”) the rest of the people on this list show flair and confidence in who they are. Props.

  • PL

    Dear CL,
    You sound like an utter bore!! I too am going to europe London Italy and Greece and my daughter works for a major fashion designer in London, but all the clothes I am taking were bought in TO and I will look fabulous.

  • Cricket9

    A “definitive” list – gotta love the confidence in your judgement, dear jury of experts. I’d say “a definitive list of best dressed people I know from parties, shopping at Holt’s and having martinis at the same bar”.

  • Cricket9

    Maryam, tough, looks fabulous.

  • Heather


    Totally agreed. Took the words right out of my mouth!

    Other than those ladies, I think this was a great list.

  • Toronto Ted

    Guess that Toronto Life dont really know who lives in this city.

    Fair play Mr James…

    The rest of you ….ya bunch of pikeys,

  • Nic / Surface to Air

    Why am i not on this list … what gives … is this some form of protectionsism ?


    I want to leave the planet.

  • stella

    You must be joking!!!!

  • Martin M

    I must say I really enjoy the mild rage these text book sycophants and dilitantes inspire in the TO Life readers.
    The readers comments are the best part!!
    BTW, I agree with cl about TO vs France(Paris?)…..who wouldn’t?

  • mhn

    Really, in an entire city of 2.5M+ people (5M+ if you count GTA), there are only 12 “best dressed” people??? Geez, how sad. And to publish an article on these 12 people, who aren’t even all that well dressed (I mean, come on, have you seen that thing around Tu Ly’s waist???) Geez, how provincial. God, I miss NYC.

  • Sabrina

    Dear CL,
    You represent ALL that is wrong with Fashion(and the world for that matter) Your angry, uber-critical negativity demonstrates that you know nothing at all about style. Clearly there would never be a list published that would please you because you would pick apart anything and anyone. Do you know ANY of the people on the list? (or are you judging on one outfit to encompass that person?) Style is like art, you can have an opinion but to act like you know what is well-dressed and what is not is a bit much. Like Art it’s about celebrating what you like about someone’s style even if it’s not your thing.

    …and if you need to move somewhere where you need to be surrounded by “what you think is fashionable” then you got bigger problems.
    so please leave. the less negative nancys the better. in TO and in life.
    cheer up.

  • Wayne

    well said.
    it’s too easy to be negative and critical.

  • jgg

    So great to see two mums-to-be on the scene! Beauty and splendor come in all forms and its good to validate that having the bump does not mean style and joie-de-vive goes out the window.

  • kate

    black oak triangle???? the fact that you had to put the intersection in brackets says it all… call it what it is – the junction – you’ll sound way more hip that way.

  • RockFobster

    Mad style props to Maryam ,Tony, Joe, Gloria, Ryan and Martin (is he single?) They are all absolutely killin it! The rest are just posturing and label whoring.

  • rocklobster

    Maryam is flawless. Everyone else looks like they’re trying too hard. Typical Toronto.

  • lucresialintondotcom


    This is Lucresia Linton here. You are a “cochon”! As a curvy person,(pardon the puns) I should just eat you!

  • Rosie Riveter

    What’s with the day jobs being listed as “Proprietors of The Society” and “Girl about town”? WTF?
    More like lazy trust fund brats wasting $ on designer duds and using shopping as an excuse for a job!

  • toecutter

    To look at these oxygen theives, you’d start to think Toronto has been over-run by effete pole-smokers of various stripes, forever running late for their anal bleaching appointments.

  • Eilleen

    The only person on that list with any sense of style is Gloria Sharp.

  • Gloria Hall

    Nothing inspiring here, mostly expensive and ridiculous.

  • bored

    Has anyone seen Bernadette Morra and how she dresses? If the only fashion expert has no style, what do you expect from the list? Who are these people , never heard of them…

  • informer

    Ugh. What odious jackasses these people are. More useless food-tubes.

  • Sunny Fong

    Despite certain people getting their panties in a bunch (including people who reacted to those who instigated it), I will admit that Maryam really does look the best in this piece. She’s straight out of Vogue but also has this butchy touch. She looks smart and it suits her. Hard to look tough in animal print. Uncle Otis guy looks pretty interesting too but that’s because he looks like he would be fun to have a pint with. The pregnant ladies look like they’re in a Sandra Bullock movie poster. So unnecessary but I get that you have to showcase a “diverse” group.

  • zeno

    Western civilization is finished. Thanks for documenting it.

  • dr feelbad

    toecutter, you’re the best, sh@t myself laughing at your comment.

  • Quiche

    Living in Toronto and a few other cities in Asia and Europe through out the year ….seriously this is it? Other Tu … and Martin … i always liked Uncle Otis … well they carried Stussy in the early 90′s …. There are so many more forgotten style icons that still have it… hell in Beijing they tell me i am the coolest westerner they know and i live there 3 to 4 months of the year … but seriously wake up Toronto … u r not the centre of Canada let alone the Universe…. i miss the days of when the best dressed guys in the city were all working at Marc Laurent …