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The Thing: Seduction on two wheels (a.k.a. the bike)

The Thing: seduction on wheels

(Image: Andrew B. Myers)

What with expletive-inducing gas prices and the suddenly ubiquitous Bixi docks, we don’t go for bike rides anymore, we just bike. Everywhere—to work, to the bar, to the opera. And just like you wouldn’t show up to The Magic Flute in head-to-toe spandex, you wouldn’t arrive on a beat-up racer either. Bikes have become functional forms of self-expression, and our bike lanes are runways for a new breed of stylish cyclist, gracefully commuting on retro-inspired models from European brands like Abici or Pashley. With big leather seats and wicker baskets, these bikes are for taking your time, for riding upright in something of a two-wheeled strut. Heads are definitely turning—whether they’re checking out the rider or the bike is another question. Abici Granturismo, $1,000, with Abici Square basket, $100. Curbside Cycle, 412 Bloor St. W., 416-920-4933.

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  • meg w

    i am in love with my olive green, vintage raleigh sprite! and i LOVE seeing all the beautiful bikes that seem more and more to be gracing the streets of toronto. much better than muddy, beat up, hand-me-down mountain bikes :)

  • Anik

    I initially bhgout this book for my fiance who says I sound condescending when I try to teach her something and ended up enjoying it myself. I would describe myself as an intermediate(Only because my conditioning sucks) to expert rider. I found the book to be entertaining and it helped point out some things I was doing wrong, such as ride preparation, and some things I want to do better such as long climbs and how to pace them and keeping motivation. I find the book is pointed towards experienced trail riders who might be just a beginner to slightly more extreme conditions such as climbs, descents, drops, corners, logs, etc. or want to learn proper form for traversing said conditions to become more of a finesse rider(Of which I am not).I find the caption on the cover is a little misleading. It might make one thing the book is specifically aimed at experts, which it is not. Insted of saying Expert Tips , I think it should say Tips From Experts . In my opinion this is a book most riders right from beginner to expert should be able to learn something from. They try to keep the tone light and even comedical times. This makes it enjoyable to read. It’s broken up as such to keep it interesting and allow you to skip the sections you’re not interested in without missing anything that might be important. I can’t wait to give it to my fiance to see what she thinks. Highly recommended!!!