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Jay Manuel to debut Attitude collection for Sears Canada

(Image: Sears Canada Inc.)

Jay Manuel, esteemed member of Tyra Banks’ entourage turned Canada’s Next Top Model host, has joined forces with Sears Canada as the creative director for Attitude Jay Manuel, a Sears private label whose fall/winter 2011 collection will debut at LG Fashion Week on March 30. According to a press release, the collection combines a sophisticated early 1960s silhouette with luxurious textures from the 1970s (although the fabric that comes to mind when we think ’70s is polyester, so let’s hope Jay’s got something else up his sleeve).

Touted as a collection for the stylish woman on the go, expect to find wide-legged trousers, pencil skirts, suiting and seamed dresses, ranging in size from zero to 18. The line itself will be sold for between $12.97 and $139.99, on par with similar designer-discount collaborations such as Rodarte for Target and Lanvin for H&M. In the release, Manuel is quoted as saying:

Throughout my career I’ve travelled the world, working with designers and creative visionaries in the fashion business, learning the art of women’s design. A good fit and draping fabric was something I learned at an early age, as my grandfather was a respected tailor. The time is right to return home to Canada and bring all my worldly inspirations to a fashion line that empowers women.

This collection could clearly go either way, but since we’re in a charitable mood, we’ll just cross our fingers and quote another fashion-focused reality TV star, Tim Gunn: “Make it work!”

Sears Canada Announces “Top Model” Personality Jay Manuel as Creative Director for Private Label Attitude Collections

  • Pee

    How worthy news of TL!!! Sears Canada ? Wow..

  • Ismay Pascall

    So after American Top Model. Is it your time to come home and pay homage to the Canadian fashion Industry. I think that is a great idea to offer a line of clothes to Sears.
    We are in desparate need of new fashion for canadians.

    Great to here that you will bring update trends, maybe from La and New Tork. Welcome home…..See you line out soon.


  • Ismay Pascall

    Sorry I meant to say New york, Next time i will do a spell check. What is your inspiration for your line and when can we see the clothing line.


  • I Am Canadian!

    it IS newsworthy of TL… because Sears Canada is not high-brow, whereas a lot of time, all the TL news is only for the upper echelons of society. let’s support our fellow Canadians and wish jay success!

  • on second thought

    hmmm…i was saddled with a $70 gift card from my mother-in-law at christmas, after returning the hideous sweater she bought me from sears. i can’t stand sears with their dowdy jessica line. perhaps i’ll find something interesting to buy now. here’s hoping.