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An elegant way to carry around a six-pack

Peering at us from across a sea of lighting and countertop displays at the Interior Design Show last weekend was this cute little reusable beer tote. Made from 100% wool, this felted pack is stitched locally by The Felt House in Mississauga, and lets you free up your hands when travelling with a six pack. As always, the devil’s in the details: each beer bottle slips into its own pocket and is secured by a little felt loop around its neck. $98.50, online only.

The Felt Store,

  • BG011

    Haha hehe :) This is a joke right?
    $98.50 for this garbage or you can just spend that money on beer and carry it like a real man hehe.

  • sickspack

    You say elegant, some people would say imbecilic. You recall Zach Galifianakis’ doofus-idiot character in the Hang Over movie, with his satchel/man-bag? This is that bag with six holes cut out for a pack of beer. How cool is that?