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Luxury supersaver Web shopping trend finally comes to Canada

Canadians who drool over foreign sample sale sites like Gilt Groupe, Rue La La and Vente-Privee should be happy to hear that Stylehopper—a Canadian version of the concept that launched at the end of last year—is growing in popularity. Much like real life sample sales, Stylehopper offers discounted designer bonanzas that attract crowds of ruthless, trend-conscious bargain hunters. The bonus here is that shoppers don’t need to wait in line with said bargain hunters to get to the racks or to the cashiers.

As far as Canadian shoppers are concerned, Stylehopper has a leg up on its U.S. and European counterparts because the site is based in Toronto and avoids international shipping and duty costs. Stylehopper ships for free across Canada on any purchase over $150.

“A lot of luxury brands were stuck with inventory that they couldn’t really sell because of the recession and economy,” CEO Bart Lipski told us, noting that he works with both Canadian and international brands. Stylehopper “works discretely through flash sales…to help luxury brands offload that inventory.” A short list of designers that have already worked with the site includes Ted Baker London, Arnold Zimberg, Romeo & Juliet Couture, and Bloch Shoes. Partnerships with Earnest Sewn, Miss Sixty and Deux Lux are also in the offing.

  • Robert Phillips

    Sorry, aside from being an advert for Styleshopper, you haven’t mentioned that other Canadian sites like this already exist. Check out Beyond the Rack (ps – it was launched almost two years ago)!

  • Steve

    Beyond the Rack sucks- they never have anything high end, and when they do its the same discount versions they sell at Winners.

  • Chelo

    They are not even the first in Toronto. launched in November and brings exclusive home decor and furniture deals to Canadians via flash sales.

  • Sarah

    I have bought a few items from Stylehopper and I found the service just as fantastic as the deals that I got!!

  • iconice

    Canadians wouldn’t know “high-end” if it slapped them in the face.

  • Myrtle

    Stylehopper is a great find. I have bought some stylish clothes at prices that I can afford. I am definately bookmarking this website!

  • styler

    The difference between stylehopper and beyond the rack is that beyond takes forever to deliver the products. All my xmas gifts from style arrived in time.

  • Dr J

    As a guy, it’s nice to have a website that features items that are guaranteed to be a hit with the missus. The free shipping from within Canada is icing on the cake. Christmas was a success and I’m not worried about Valentine’s Day this year. Thanks!

  • nan

    So I have to go on a ‘waiting list’ to join this site: forgedduboudit!!

  • jessi

    Finally! I’ve been waiting for something like this far too long. Nice find Mishki :)

  • CL

    Just bought myself a Miss Sixty jacket at 40%… woohoo! Nice to be able to shop online in this weather lol

  • AB

    Just looked at their “luxury brands” – American Apparel and Miss Sixty? Are you kidding me?????

  • tinap123

    Beyond the Rack is the best, styleshopper pales in comparison

  • CateB

    I don’t think you can exactly compare the two sites – very different looks + offerings. Would love to see some more mens sales also!

  • J

    I verify AB’s story. Actual luxury brands are on a completely different planet compared to these, it’s ridiculous.

  • Charrrrrrrgeeeeit!

    @Steve I’d like to know what Winners you’re shopping at that sells Hermes, Fendi, and Gucci! Honestly, if you’re going to complain about BTR, complain about their absolutely RIDICULOUS wait times (which can sometimes be months) and not the products (which are always authentic and generally lovely).

    Anyway, I agree with everyone else who doesn’t see anything special about Stylehopper yet, although I’m willing to give it some time to grow into something more exciting. I love online shopping and I hope they start to offer more brands and selection. Since they offer free shipping (which is awesome and a HUGE advantage over BTR) I’d probably place an order the first time they put something I liked on their site!

  • GiltGroupe

    If anyone needs an invite to Gilt Groupe I can let you use my link. I should have enough invites left for anyone that reads this. I’ve given away as many as I can to friends, better to use what’s left than just let them sit there.

  • sk

    I’m a member of Gilt, but wasn’t aware they shipped to Canada now.

    Seriously disappointed at the so-called “designer brands” carried by Beyond The Rack and Stylehopper though. I can get better elsewhere.

  • KD

    Why not try a new Canadian sample sale site called