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An alternative to the ubiquitous Canada Goose parka (and it’s on sale this weekend)

When is comes to stylish and super warm coats for the past few winters, Canada Goose has had a monopoly. Until now. CMFR, another Canadian company that refuses to divulge the definition of their acronym, promises that their bombers are like “wearing the Bahamas on your back.” An exaggeration, sure, but who cares? The coats are ultra cozy and more stylish than lookalikes thanks to the red details and contrasting buttons. It also comes in black and grey, and the unisex style shown is on sale this weekend at Atelier 688 for $470 (30 per cent off the regular retail price of $670).

Atelier 688, 688 Richmond St. W., Ste. 201, 416-671-2537.

  • syd

    Time for one of our “fashon mags” to do a real examination of what the alternatives really are in the “down parka market”. There are alternatives. The consumer wants to know not only the garment is “fashionable” but how it performs under all Canadian weather conditions. A jacket that feels “cozy” in store may not work outdoors!

  • DBash

    As someone who owns a CMFR parka I can confirm that they’re absolutely amazing! I wear my with nothing but a Tshirt underneath and feel completely warm and comfortable – it’s 90-10 down as I understand.
    It’s also nice to stand out from everyone’s Canada Goose jackets with something stylish, functional and just generally badass. ;)

  • kerry

    Love these coats….crazy warm and the down never pokes out at you like some coats.

  • DS

    Does anyone know when the sale starts??

  • Alex

    Sale is on all weekend….Saturday and Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm both days! or check the blog

  • Justin

    Serious parkas for stylish people. Can’t wait to get one!

  • Honk Honk


  • AK

    Amazing parka! Picked one up this morning and it’s been keeping me warm and comfortable all day. Received lots of compliments already. The best feature is its sleek appearance.

  • AA

    Amazing parka!! Tried one on and couldn’t believe how super-light, cozy and comfortable it is. Get one if you can!!

  • Billy

    More important for me or any tru Canadian, it has to be totally Made in Canada…eh!

  • Neal

    Canada Goose has started to peter out.Jeez they are everywhere and not that exclusive anymore.
    Bring on the next one.

  • Paul

    Are these still on sale?

  • Alex Jowett

    Sale will carry on at Atelier 688 this thursday 12-6 and friday 12-4 for anyone who missed out! Only medium, small and xs sizes left in stock…

  • Birdie

    I can’t wait to get mine!! So excited. Only question is which colour to choose….

  • jo

    This the warmest and nicest looking jacket I’ver ever worn. Hats off to the designer, this is the future of canadian made parkas!! I previously owned a canada goose, and I must frankly say that I was baffled by how much more confortable and warm CMFR is compared to CG. .

  • Toots

    This is so well designed and sleek! Got the black one and the details just POP!!

  • Carina

    Are these on sale for boxing day? I want it!!!

  • wow

    wow this comments section is so full of trolls it’s ridiculous

  • pg

    re: wow
    So ridic

  • Gobachov

    Are the jackets machine washable like OSC bombers? Are they still on sale?

  • Carina

    Yes, they are. $470 incl. tax. The owner of the place is actually an artist/photographer. Very nice studio space.

  • davingu

    When is the place opened? I hope sizes are still in stock.

  • schill

    I wonder how many of these comments are by the same person…

  • T

    These jackets are made in Switzerland. Not to mention the 550 fill down (as compared to Canada Goose’s better quality 625 – 675 fill) that is not ethically sourced (Canada Goose’s is ethically sourced). Even the website looks like a cheap fashion knock-off (the website says “impress the harshest of critics”), and not a true Canadian functional maker of parkas for the ethical-minded consumer like Canada Goose. I’m so not impressed.