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Canadian company making dolls that give birth

The dolls can be customized down to eye glasses (Image: MamAmor)

When is a child’s doll too real? Back in the 1950s, Betsy Wetsy wet herself after drinking; in 2008, Baby Alive could do a number two, and last year a Spanish toymaker created Bebé Glotón that let girls pretend to breastfeed. Now, a small Edmonton company called MamAmor is selling dolls that give birth.

Less realistic-looking than the animatronic Alive and Glotón, the cloth mother dolls have elasticized snap crotches; tucked inside is a baby with umbilical cord and placenta. Snaps on the baby’s mouth and where the mother’s nipple would be allow for simulated breastfeeding. MamAmors are made as educational dolls for kids under three who are awaiting the arrival of a new sibling. They can be custom-made ($145 U.S.) to any hair, eye and skin colour, along with the clothing and accessories.

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