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Brace yourself: the $800 Ugg boot, courtesy of Jimmy Choo

Would you spend $795 on a pair of Uggs? Neither would we. But that’s the price of a pair of Jimmy Choo–designed suede boots on luxury shopping site (And that’s in U.S. dollars, friends.) They are fancied up with gold and silver studs, making them look like the end result of one of our best-forgotten Bedazzler projects. Hitting on two other trends, the Choo Uggs (Chuggs?) come in fringed versions ($695) and in leopard print ($595). Both are seriously unattractive. Whose idea was this?

Not available on Net-a-porter are the boots covered in gold stars, one in zebra stripe and a cable-knit pair. We can’t imagine that there are many 15-year-old girls who could convince their parents to shell out for a pair of these atrocities, but they are a cunning species. The line is limited edition, so with any luck we won’t have to look at many pairs on Toronto’s slush-filled streets this winter. Take a look at all the Chuggs in our slide show >>

(Images: Ugg Australia)