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I Survived Toronto Earthquake shirts already for sale

(Image: Zazzle)

While most people were trying to call their loved ones and refreshing their Web browser to figure out exactly what was going on as the ground shook from Ottawa to Windsor, one opportunistic entrepreneur used the time to make a commemorative “I survived Toronto earthquake 2010” T-shirt.

Available on Zazzle for $18.95, this shirt, which is quickly making the rounds on Twitter, will let the world know that Torontonians survived a 5.0 magnitude quake for a whopping 30 seconds. There may not be any structural damage or lives lost, but the tremble could have shifted the computer monitor into a slightly weird angle that would take a painful 45 seconds to readjust.

Just don’t wear the shirt when visiting Italy, Chile or Haiti. Actually, just don’t wear it at all.