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GALLERY: 15 Toronto shops with festive Christmas windows

Although December means shopping lists, crowded malls and frenzied buying sprees (our holiday gift guide can help), it’s worth taking some time to indulge in a little window shopping, too. Retailers put out their most show-stopping window displays at this time of the year, and an evening stroll past glowing paper snowflakes, glamorous snow days and cozy faux-fires provides a surefire shot of holiday spirit. Here are some of our favourites from around the city.

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  • Pascale Schwander

    Love it. SO beautiful :-) I like the Holidays decoration

  • Karyn

    Am is missing something?

    Nice shots but where are the names of the shops/addresses associated with each window? Is it possible to get that info? Or, am I just so technologically ‘void’ that I couldn’t figure out how to find it? Computers aren’t my thing so I may just have missed it all.

    Thanks for your help.


  • Karyn


    OK…found it! Duh! I really AM dense when it comes to this stuff.

    Thanks anyway but no need to reply to my first post.

    Have a wonderful holiday season.


  • christmaslover

    My favourite is the one with the birdcages.