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Great Spaces: a pair of empty nesters trade their spacious Rosedale home for a bright condo in Summerhill

Great Spaces: In Living Colour

Number 5

The couple owns several ceramics by the local artist Hugo Quattrocchi, including this vase and artichoke. They met Quattrocchi when he owned a store on Roxborough, and they fell for his bright colours and patterns.

Number 6

A friend gave Gonda this mounted Socrates cigar box about 30 years ago. Gonda refers to Socrates as his “patron saint” because they both specialize in philosophy.

Number 7

The photojournalist Andrew Testa took this photograph in Kosovo on December 31, 1999. Gonda saw it in the New York Times and was enchanted by it. He tracked Testa down and told the artist he didn’t care how much it cost—he had to have the photo. Gonda eventually paid £250 for it.

Number 8

Gonda and Turner bought this colourful Bonnici painting in the ’90s. “It was almost like we were buying a vision of how we’d be living in the future,” Turner says.

Number 9

The couple picked up the corner chair at an antique store a few years ago. It’s raw silk, and Gonda calls it his “tuffet.” They keep it in the foyer for slipping on boots.

Great Spaces: In Living Colour Great Spaces: In Living Colour

Number 10

Designer Barbara Munn picked out the coral cabinets from Downsview Kitchen. They complement the glass-tiled back­splash, which shimmers like fish scales when the light hits it.

Number 11

Munn found the saffron fabric for the bedroom drapes to match a swatch Gonda and Turner brought back from Nice, where they spent four months in 2003.

  • June

    I love this place. The colour scheme is vibrant without being harsh. The only thing I don’t get is that chandelier in the living room which off to one side. It looks weird.

  • bob loblaw

    holy geez. hideous. looks like someone barfed on everything

  • yoda

    Absoulutely Fabulous, it sings a joyful song, hard to be anything but cheerful in this place.

  • mary

    personally I like more modern/contemporary spaces but I think this is beautifully done. its extremely well put together and visually appealing. I do agree with the chandelier comment though. I think a bigger piece in the centre would have been much better. that chandelier almost belongs in a small space like a powder room or bathroom.

  • Chad

    Where are you from ,bob? This is awesome! I love it.. I find Torontonians are always scared of colors, nice to see what someone did with it. While my first condo was half their space, I used colors galore (without an expensive designer) and my realtor told me it would be tough to sell- sold in 3 days!! Nice layout here too and the furniture is perfect!

  • Frank

    Pretentious condo for pretentious people by the sounds of it. Even the writer sounds pretentious.

  • Alexandra

    Amazing colours and warm vibrant space. Very nice job.

  • Brenda

    As an interior decorator, I must say, brilliant work was done by the design team to create such a warm and cosy nest for this couple!

    Even on those grey, wet and wintery days in February, they have a refuge from the outside and can live in an environment of sunshine year round. Well done!

  • cat

    The room does work in the way it comes together, colour composition…chandalier point is on the mark. It is very extreme, vibrant and energetic. Having said that, it’s one of those rooms that you look at and you either love it or hate it

  • cat

    I wouldn’t define it as warm and cozy.