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Four distinct trends from this weekend’s Interior Design Show (including an unexpected resurgence of grey!)

Four distinct trends from this weekend’s Interior Design Show

This weekend we hit the Interior Design Show and navigated through hundreds of vendors and emerging designers to see if we could pinpoint some new trends. Piero Lissoni’s grand-scale blown glass chandelier is at the high end of what appears to be a demand for ostentatious lighting, but we managed to find some less expensive but equally gratifying pieces to outfit any home. Proving that fashion and interior design are actually very closely linked, the hot colour for spring and summer is tangerine tango (and we were informed several times that brown is officially out as its complementary colour—grey is the new brown). This hue can be found in everything from throw pillows to towels to full kitchens. Canadiana made a comeback once again, though it’s certainly waned since its heyday, and given the boom in condo living, many furniture and interior designers took to the challenge of creating unconventional space saving solutions—we particularly loved a sink that doubled as a table (or was it a table that doubled as a sink?). Check out 31 iterations of these trends in our gallery after the jump.

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