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Should a 15-year-old girl be told she’s a supermodel? Sutherland Models thinks so

Winner Anna Stephenson (Image: CNW Group/Sutherland Models Inc)

It’s no surprise that models are in their prime when they’re young, because they’re still, well, youthful, and have yet to develop massive egos. In a competition run by the Sutherland Models agency at the Convention Centre, 15-year-old Anna Stephenson, of Toronto, took first place and was named Sutherland’s supermodel of 2012. Ann Sutherland, the agency’s president, says she is “thrilled to have found such an extraordinary new face—the next Canadian supermodel!” The question now is: will Stephenson be able to maintain a proper work-life balance? We just hope she finishes school, on the off chance that this is just an annual publicity stunt for Sutherland Models. We’d hate to see her at an auto show giggling when gentlemen ask her if she comes with the car.

  • peachy

    anyone who allows their 15 yr old to take up modelling needs their head read

  • Supermodel

    To the commenter above – hate to break it to you, but 15 is prime age to become a model. You may not like it, but that is industry standards throughout the world. By the time she is 21, she will already be “over the hill”. Now there are many older models, but thhey are usually catalogue, or glamour models, not runway. I wish her stats had been listed because the girl who won doesn’t seem tall enough, but Sutherland models would be an accurate judge on that.

  • jane

    You don’t know this girl, it isn’t fair to just judge her and assume that she won’t finish school or attack her parents for letting her compete in this competition. You do not know how she entered the contest so do not make snap judgements. Stereotyping models as stupid is a really terrible thing to do. I personally know this girl and she is not a “typical” model.
    think before you judge please, and when you write an article, please don’t make it so biased. Think about the subject’s feelings first.

  • nunoyobuizness

    KAY. Whoever wrote that comment above ^^peachy^^ seriously needs to revise their opinions on everything. You have NO RIGHT to say those things about some random sweet girl you don’t even know.
    I as well, know her personally and to be honest, her age is none of your business. She could potentially be the worlds next supermodel. Or she could not, and become something very successful, but either way, even just in that ONE sentence, you made yourself sound more stupid then the stereotype of a model.
    So why don’t you go back to looking at other young models like a creep.

  • thinkbeforeyoujudge

    Just so you know, 15 is a normal age nowadays to start modeling. I mean there are like 12 year olds who are being thrown into high fashion. I’m friends with this girl, and trust me, she isnt some ditzy naive model stereo type. you need to think before you judge. and she’s very tall.

  • JW

    The 15 year olds have a point, but give it a break. We get that you’re her friends. Still, did 3 of you really need to comment on one silly little article?

    By the way, your choice of words, as well as the random capitalization or none at all; and the misuse of grammar and spelling, just further illustrate the point that you’re all very young. Like… KAY? It’s no wonder why no one thinks a 15 year old is capable of having a successful adult career.

  • RC

    Like ok? Like I really think, you know, like that last riter called JW? They are like SOOOOOO write!