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Canada’s Best Beauty Talent, episode 10: it isn’t over yet (no, seriously)

Canada’s Best Beauty Talent, Episode 10

In this episode of Canada’s Best Beauty Talent, it’s judgment day for Marcia, Matt, Caylee and Jenna, and we finally get to see their red carpet looks. Caylee and Jenna create a Grecian-inspired look with lightly bronzed skin and an updo, while Matt and Marcia go for something softer with porcelain-white skin and a soft wave. However, though the judges are happy to offer up their opinions, we don’t get an actual result, because that’s being reserved for another episode. Why? We have no clue. Sigh.

Since there’s no elimination this episode, the judges get more time than usual to weigh in on the looks. Guest judge Alison Eastwood (Hello! Canada) loves pretty much everything about both looks, except for the fact that Jenna’s makeup makes her model look a little tired (we agree); Eric Delmonaco (L’Oréal) applauds Caylee for taking risks and actually showing technique; and Lisa Tant (Flare) tells Matt that if he’s going to create an Angelina Jolie–like look, it could stand to be more “wazoo sex kitten wah!” Caylee’s hair is praised, despite the fact that it looks a bit like a bird’s nest, and Marcia (the frontrunner by a long shot) “makes magic” with makeup according to judge Eddie Malter (L’Oréal). Caylee and Marcia are likely to win, if this show is as predictable as we think it is—especially since, given the way things have gone in the past, it seems likely that the two winners will probably be on separate teams. What we learn this week (courtesy of Matt): by adding a smoothing serum to the ends of your hair and blowdrying it, your hair will end up looking smooth and soft.


• Coco Rocha really likes to talk about herself. She explains in great depth how, when she’s on a red carpet, she has to “dramatize” her eyes. She also shares with us the plight of porcelain-skinned women like herself, who look sick on many runways.