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QUOTED: Jeanne Beker announces that Fashion Television has ceased production

So surreal. This dream is over: after 27 glorious years, FT production ceased today. So sad to see some of my closest colleagues move on.

—Jeanne Beker announcing on Twitter moments ago that Fashion Television has been cancelled. It’s a pretty sad day, considering the show has been such an institution, exposing children and adults to the likes of Yves St. Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld and more. Until executive producers Jay Levine and Howard Brull comment on the situation and further Beker’s claim that the brand will evolve, it seems to be a safe bet that this YouTube video will get at least one million new hits in the next hour.

Take a look at our gallery showcasing 25 years of Jeanne Beker as host of Fashion Television »

  • JC

    This show blazed the trail for world fashion to the general population. It also allowed Moses Znaimer an outlet for the City creativity powerhouse to show how amazing a 30 minute production could be, with some good’ol Canadian talent, jet-set to some amazing locations.
    In short, this is another example of how big production shows will fall off the cliff if it can’t be syndicated or distributed in an online means which converts to bottom line money.
    Next, news, specialty programs, etc. Youtube will be the new CTV/City/CNN/Etc.

  • Michele

    Life goes on…change is’s time for one to bow out gracefully…time for another to take the helm…just saying…once you’ve had your innings, (speaking of which, the Blue Jays just won – yeaaaah) walk down a new road and leave your well traveled road for those that are eager to walk it.

  • Katrina C.

    Oh no!! That sucks:( I’m just hoping to see more wonderful fashion show and event covers from FT!

  • John

    Are you sure its FT that has ceased production or is it Ms. beker who is over and past production ? The show was great in the late 80′s and early 90′s.. I loved it.. but the show has become tired and boring yawn. Ms. Beker never reinvented the show or herself, hence OFF with its head! Goodbye!

  • Tony Chapman

    Moses Znaimer and Jeanne Beker revolutionized television programming – I loved travelling the world and seeing Canadian created and produced content. They were a driving force in the democratization of fashion – from the runway to the journey leading there. Proud of them and Canada.

  • mmm

    I am sure Ms. Beker will come up with something.

  • Alex

    27 years is an incredible run, but I think the time was right. More and more clothing companies are live-streaming their shows and pre-walk interviews online, where they can be easily watched afterwards. I hope Ms. Beker comes up with another awesome show in the future.

  • thecircleofit

    i cannot believe that FT is leaving…Jeanne Beker is such a Candian icon and without her, the FASHION scene would NOT be what it is today…i grew up watching her and her show inspired and fuelled my love for fashion and gave me that creative escape!!! what now???