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Lady Gaga sparks rumour that she’ll take a one-year trainwreck hiatus to become, uh, a fashion designer

Why be you when you could be her? (Image: TJ Sengel)

The Council of Fashion Designers of America recently named Lady Gaga “Fashion Icon of the Year,” which has apparently given her an ego: at the recent MMVAs in Toronto, she told fans that in the near future, she hopes to start her own fashion line (because she’s “friends with a lot of designers”). But we’re not sure Gaga can afford the endeavour, since the pop singer recently claimed she went bankrupt from the excess she displays on stage.

Unless she creates a capsule collection with Target or H&M, we’re not sure anyone could afford the fame monster lifestyle (just thinking about a rotating meat wardrobe makes us cringe at the dry cleaning costs). Plus, she’ll clearly need a lot of help—as much as she’d like to believe she’s responsible for how she looks, she’ll definitely need her hype circle, better known as the Haus of Gaga, under her wing (which, we imagine, doesn’t come cheap). But that’s okay—apparently knowing Donatella Versace instantly makes someone a couturier.

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