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Yoga Tree extends its branches to Toronto proper

Yoga Tree’s new green scene at Spadina and Richmond (Image: Yoga Tree)

Yoga Tree, the popular Thornhill yoga studio, is making its Toronto debut, launching officially next Thursday at 140 Spadina Avenue. We know, the city already has many sweaty bachelor apartment-size environments in which to downward dog, but Yoga Tree differs in its earth-friendly approach and the sheer variety of its offerings: heated, non-heated, Kripalu, Hatha, restorative and mommy-and-me classes. After successes in Thornhill and Richmond Hill, a now pregnant Debbie Fung, with the help of her co-partner and husband Jason Lu and their families, have brought their brand of yoga to Toronto in an environment complete with zero-toxin paints, cork flooring, energy-efficient lighting, low-flow shower heads, reclaimed wood furnishings and even a no-paper policy—participants have to sign in on a laminated sheet.

  • Jess

    Yoga Tree are thieves. They stole their website layout from Hot Yoga Markham and the laminated sheet idea from Moksha Yoga and claims it as their own, and denies it when questioned.

  • Corrie

    Who cares about the web site and laminated sheets. Those are small pieces of the AWESOME puzzle that is Yoga Tree! Congrats Deb and Jason, can’t wait to see the new digs at the grand opening party :))

  • Annie

    The real question is whether the YOGA and the instructors are good. I have been to Yoga Markham, Mpksha, and Yogatree- and Yogatree is consistently the best. If the only bad thing you can find to say abt them is so petty, then clearly this studio is the best in town!

  • Lori T.

    Wow stunning studio can’t wait to check it out this weekend!

  • alison

    I have to agree that this is amazing for Toronto! I have been to both YT’s in thornhill/richmond hill and can say that they have by far the best instructors, best facilities, and the best variety of classes.

    i could care less about sign-in sheets & website layout (don’t all websites look the same anyways?)…if u value quality of classes and instructors, check out YT! totally worth it!

  • Joanne

    Yogatree has a very good studio and the best teachers. Very professional teachers and the atmosphere is fantastic. The staff and teachers are very helpful. They also have a great variety of different classes – not just the typical hot yoga. I love it there. And I am sure you will too!

  • Robyn

    I echo the statements above. While I have not been to the Yoga Tree in Thornhill, I have had the pleasure of practicing in the Richmond Hill Yoga Tree. The teachers and staff are super-awesome and the studio is gorgeous, not to mention clean! They have a variety of classes and even if you decide to stick to the same teacher & type of class, the teacher’ll shake things up so you’ll never be bored.

  • Yogi Mark

    I’ve been going to Yoga Tree Richmond Hill for about 6 months now, and have had the pleasure of checking out their downtown location just last week. Amongst all the studios I practice at, Yoga Tree by far has some of the best quality instructors. The staff is always warm, welcoming, and informative, and their downtown studio has the same inviting atmosphere — It’s absolutely beautiful!

    For anyone who hasn’t had the chance to visit their new location, I definitely recommend doing so soon! :)

    Ps. Jess, that’s very unyogic of you.

  • Susan

    I went to this studio in Richmond Hill with a passport to prana pass and it’s one of the cleanest studios I have been to in Toronto. As a newbie to yoga, the staff and teachers were extremely helpful and I love how they offer different levels of classes throughout the day. Can’t wait to check out their new studio downtown.

  • Kary

    I’ve been to YogaTree class’s several times with the first month unlimited. I have practiced at other studios and would say my practice is suffice. However the teachers at Yoga Tree contradicts each other with their alignment and correct posture. I was confused at one point which alignment was correct as I’ve learned another in previous class. Some of their teacher were forceful into the posture, I felt pressured and anxious. I also found some classes very loud, unable to concentrate my focus on my practice. Some class turned into a social time as the teacher showed a certain pose and the class started discussing their attempts, and the instructor made no attempts to quiet down the area. My opinion, I felt some teachers were not ready to be a teacher. They seem to have a huge lack of knowledge. The place feels uneasy, like a corporate business trying to find its way into the new Yoga Fad in town and making tons of money.

  • Kitty

    I have the same experience as Kary. Their staffs just making you feel friendly to make you want to go again. I learn nothing there.

  • Anne

    I’ve been taking Iyengar classes at Yoga Tree and I love how instructors draws from their extensive teacher training. My instructor Tom at YT always returns to India for further training. As a student, learning new ideas is in the eyes of the beholder, the attribute of openness to new experiences is to be able to accept and learn from different instructors and lineages of yoga.

  • Koran

    JASON IS HOT!!!!!!!!!

  • Terry

    eww lol
    I always thought that Jason guy was gay until I read this!!!

  • Pauline

    HAHAHAHA I thought he was gay too!

    but I concur with kitty, I learn nothing there the number of times I have been there. Their teachers are inexperienced and I am afraid to let them do hands on adjustments on me.

  • joe

    I think all instructors have their own style of teaching, and there is no one RIGHT way. I’ve used to go to Moksha but after having discovered Yogatree have been a loyal student there, as I find their teachers are knowledgeable and friendly.

    There is no such thing as a yoga fad. Yoga is a lifestyle one chooses to live. So long as Yogatree makes me feel mentally and physically healthier, and takes an active part in being eco-conscious and making the community a better place one step at a time, I am all for it.

    And Jason is cute, too bad he is taken!