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Conrad Black’s daughter appears in Vogue, reminds us she’s loaded

Following in the footsteps of stepmom Barbara Amiel, Alana Black is presently featured in Vogue. In the spread “willowy style aces,” she talks about her life in the fabulous lane, according to gossip king Shinan Govani, mentioning that she bought a $495 Balenciaga shirt (it’s an investment piece) and a pair of $69 PH8 pants (the athletic Bebe brand that women wear everywhere but the gym).

We were kind of surprised by her presence in Vogue, since she is currently working as a fashion assistant at the magazine, but considering how Vogue interviews its own staffers for blog posts, we assume that the magazine is such an authority on fashion that there’s no one else to interview but themselves.

Black in Fashion [National Post]

  • stella

    Makes you wonder as I assumed the Blacks were downsized then again Ms. Black must have had a university education and thanks to bank of mum and dad a posh job. Not that she is talked about at all so I know nothing of this Alana only of Lord and Lady Black. So I guess they aren’t really up the creek as I thought.

  • Valerie

    Karon – you clearly didn’t even open up the Vogue issue with Alana in it. She doesn’t talk about buying a balenciaga shirt or ph8 pants, let alone “living in the fast lane” (although I wish she did). The piece was about being tall, as the April issue is the shape issue. I think she looked very poised and beautiful and it’s good to see that she is working for her money.

  • Anon

    I agree with Valerie. The Vogue piece was well written and Alana looks beautiful. Besides, I think $495 for Balenciaga is a great deal.

  • zoee

    “…but considering how Vogue interviews its own staffers, we assume that the magazine is such an authority on fashion there’s no one else to interview but themselves”
    And such a relief to have a publication that actually hires staffers knowledgeable in their beat.
    aka agreed with Valerie and Anon.

  • Monica

    Karon you’re being a bitch just to be a bitch! Most items that appear in fashion editorials are pulled from the designer so we don’t even know if Alana bought these items.
    She’s working hard in Manhattan in I’m sure, what is a demanding job. How is she reminding you that “she is loaded”
    Barf! you suck, get a real job loser.

  • didi

    May be she should baking some cookies and take them down to Florida… You know where????

  • Darcy K

    Another inaccurate, misleading Toronto Life article – all too typical. Remind me again why I canceled by TO Life sub and gladly read instead?!

  • Patti Nicholls

    I must get a copy of Vogue. Alana Black is adorable!

  • Sam

    Good for you, Alana! You go girl! You are fierce and those who don’t say it are jealous haters!

  • Jessica

    We all know Alana Black would never be able to get the job without Daddy’s connections. And it’s a well-known fact that Vogue assistants can barely afford to live in NYC, let alone buy expensive designer items without going into debt. Must be nice to be able to afford working at a high fashion magazine.

    I subscribe to Vogue and read the original piece. I totally agree with Liu’s statements and had similar thoughts, even before reading this article.

  • Louise

    Jessica, if you knew anything at all about fashion editorials you’d know that the editorial/fashion assistants in that piece were not wearing their own clothes, but ones provided by the designers/advertisers. It was a cute piece about tall girls (of which Alana is one) who work at Vogue, so what could possibly have evoked such negative thoughts in you…even prior to reading Karon’s tale? And why limit directing your jealous, mean spirited comments to Alana, and not her co-workers? Your comments are a sad reflection on you…..Pity.

  • Aderb

    I used to know Alana when she was a little girl. It was nice to see how she is doing. She didnt choose her parents.

  • Lisa Tant

    Alana Black was an intern at Flare before she moved to New York and her job at Vogue. She was professional, polite and hard working. Everyone here was sad to see her go.

  • kim

    I feel sorry for her, I don’t know how I would cope knowing how the public feels about her father. As soon as you hear the words Conrad Black, you cringe and get angry. Very negative knee-jerk reaction.

  • Val

    I’m happy to see that the majority of the posts are in support of Alana, who is both lovely and hard working. Good for her for holding her head up high after enduring so much public scrutiny.

  • squirt

    while she didn’t choose her parents, surely having them as bloodlines didn’t hurt when making career choices. the general population may not be fans of her dad’s but I’m sure he still has friends in high places…there are those of you who are hatin’, pure and simple, but let’s get real here…I am sure alana is working hard but it must also be nice to know she’s got her parents’ money to fall back on. give it a rest, folks.

  • op

    oh god, do these children of rich people ever end up carving their own path in life or truly “working smart or hard” in a career other than “fashion or PR or event planning or…hmm what other retard jobs are there…well anything that invloves standign in front of a camera like a ditz and posing like a dumb chick with your arms on yoru hips. Come on, make a real contribution to society, stop living off the coat tails of your parents….lame and pathetic. It’s sad that they never really grow up and want to play dress-up and tea party until they age and get saggy and old and ugly then pick up an addiction habit – shallow empty lives who never tapped their potential..but isn’t that their parents job? products of neglect

  • Vince

    She’s beautiful.