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Tavi Gevinson is (sort of) replacing Jeanne Beker at Fashion Television

Jeanne Beker (Photo by B-Girlz)

Despite a passionate debate in the media about the credibility of 13-year-old Style Rookie fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson—who most recently pissed off several editors by wearing an outlandishly oversized bow to the Dior couture show, where she sat in the front row—Fashion Television is throwing its considerable weight behind the pint-sized wunderkind.

In Saturday’s Globe and Mail, Deirdre Kelly reports that Gevinson will take the mic from Jeanne Beker during New York fashion week while Beker is covering the Olympics style beat. Gevinson was asked to choose three shows to cover and selected Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang and Y-3.

“She really loves fashion, and gets it. That’s what’s so great about her,” Beker told the Globe. “I think she’s a breath of fresh air.” Last week, we wondered whether Beker was suffering Tavi envy when she called Gevinson’s bow “outrageous,” though she quickly explained “outrageous” is a good thing.

  • Castor Reigns

    Wow. Scary or amazing news? I’m on the fence.

  • Barbara416

    Someone needs to replace Beker. She is irrelevant.

  • Shirley

    I have lots of respect for Jeanne Beker. She has put Canadian fashion reporting on the map and built very nice relationship with many designers. Bloggers come and go, Jeanne is a working girl who puts blood; sweat and passion into her career.

  • toughie

    While is no doubt an exciting opportunity for a 13 yr old school girl, what about the working girls that have been educated in fashion, spending their lives so far working under Bekker? I think they needed the opportunity, not a school girl.

  • strawberry snow

    I’ve seen this kid & the notion of her replacing Jeanne is criminally absurd. But it’s also indicative of how misguided Canadian media is…whose idea was this??

    IMO, there is no replacement for Jeanne, but if she’s actually planning to pass the baton, give it to someone who will represent Canada with savvy. Tavi may know fashion, but it looks trés amateur. I’m embarassed for FashionTelevision. That’s all.

  • paulina

    Come on…where did this underage fashion does not know it all come from ?? Replace Ms. Bekker…..that s absurd. She looks like a little kid going out for Halloween. Someone please put her back in the school yard….she is a joke….and knows NOTHING about fashion. Tell her she can come back in 20 years when she knows something about fashion and has paid her DUES.

  • Jennifer

    Tavi is really copying her Grandma Style.
    I do not find anything fashionable about her.

    If she wants to change the Fashion world. This is not the way TAVI. All designers they have gorgeous clothing.

    Tavi, Why don’t you dress nicer?
    An example of a Great Designer for children clothing is the Amazing British Designer David Charles.

    Tavi needs to dress and act like a 13 years-old not like a crazy grandma just getting out from a sanatorium or some sort of crazy house.