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Toronto Fashion Week: Sunny Fong presents animal appliqués and Nordic minimalism for Vawk fall 2013

Toronto Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2013: Vawk Toronto Fashion Week runs from March 18-22, in a large—and stylishly appointed—tent at David Pecaut Square. We’re posting full galleries from the buzziest runways. Here’s what trendsetters will be wearing in fall 2013.


Vawk by Sunny Fong


Fong is a Project Runway Canada alum known for his feminine silhouettes; Vawk is his luxury ready-to-wear label.


Rumour has it the clothes only arrived a half-hour before the 8 p.m. presentation, but nothing seemed amiss during the show—it even started on time. Fong also scored arguably the biggest name at the Toronto Fashion Week tents, Canadian actress Elisha Cuthbert (who wore one of his gowns to the People’s Choice Awards last year). The Happy Endings star tweeted a pic of her red ensemble and appeared to have a great time, laughing with friends and pointing at desirable items on the runway.


Fong dubbed his collection “Nordic Fauna” after his two central inspirations this season: hunting gear and Scandinavian minimalist design. The hunting theme was most evident in the leather appliqués of woodland creatures on long-sleeved tees (including a wolf perfect for Game of Thrones fans), but was also present in Fong’s austere interpretation of floral print silk, which featured barren winter trees. We appreciated the collection’s clean, modern lines, save for a black V-neck dress that felt too simple for runway. Despite the addition of a few menswear looks, Fong’s decision to trim sister brand Vawkkin from the show made for a brief presentation—only 22 looks—but a well-edited one.


An ecru cape with pronounced shoulders looked elegant (and forgiving for those cold winter months when one forgets about the gym). We also liked the quiet sexiness of Fong’s wool skirts with sheer pleats.

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