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Our 12 favourite looks from Toronto Fashion Week spring/summer 2013

After several days of rogue runway shows and a full week of collections at Toronto Fashion Week proper, the city’s fashion lovers have now seen hundreds of new garments, from young emerging designers like Sid Neigum to brands with huge followings like Joe Fresh and Pink Tartan. We’ve sifted through the multitude of looks and chosen the most memorable and wearable of the lot. Find out who made our list.

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  • NorthernTouch

    Leather vest on top of nylon (that won’t be suffocating. No, not at all), shorts that are “on-trend” (read: embarrassing), Ronald McDonald line of shoes for Kenzo and the Bustle description that basically says “this is too ridiculous to be wearable, but it stands out, and is thus “on-trend” (see what I did there). And people wonder why guys stick to their old Levi’s. Because when they pick up a magazine, they get stuff like this.

  • Nicole

    leather vest on top of nylon? just cant see my boyfriend wearing any combination of these looks. why no attention to a man’s accessories? my bf loves his IPAD Messenger bag from RADBLACK. Great style, trendy and great pricing.

  • Me Thinks

    For the guys out there, I do feel for ya. There’s nothing like a pair of Levis, a crisp white shirt, and maybe a blazer. It’s classic, simple, and doesn’t make dudes look like they were “forced” to wear it simply because they saw it on a runway.

  • ashlee

    Leather vest on top of nylon (that won’t be suffocating. No, not at all),?People’s a runway show not to betaken literally .you pull pieces not the full outfit unless of course you live in WAWA and/or have no sense of style ( read “style…not ‘fashion’)