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Runway trend: designers soften up at Rogue Fashion Week

If Rogue Fashion Week is any indication, next spring is going to be sweet and feminine: several of the week’s top designers displayed much softer versions of their signature styles. Chloé Comme Parris’ Chloé and Parris Gordon produced a collection full of bohemian dresses and floral-esque prints (left), with noticeably fewer tough touches than usual. Even the sisters’ signature use of hardware was toned down—delicate chains replaced the grommets and buckles of seasons past. Sid Neigum also took a step back from his reputed androgynous looks and offered appealing dresses with asymmetrical hems that fluttered around the models’ legs (right). Finally, Jean-Pierre Braganza, known for sharp angles on his tailored garments, opted for fluid silks and rounder shapes (centre). The designers innovative new looks are praise-worthy—as is the spirit of experimentation that created them.

(Images, from left: Chloé Comme Parris look, Jean-Pierre Braganza look, Sid Neigum look, Jenna Marie Wakani)