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Chloé Comme Parris’s feminine spring/summer 2013 collection makes us ponder leather short shorts

Chloé Comme Parris’s feminine spring/summer 2013 collection makes us ponder leather short shortsEvery year during Rogue Fashion Week, emerging talents and established designers alike opt out of the Toronto Fashion Week melee to show their collections in the days leading up to the official event instead. We’re posting full galleries from the buzziest runways. It’s time to forget about the chilly weather and imagine what life (or at least fashion) will be like in spring/summer 2013.

Chloé Comme Parris, by sisters Chloé and Parris Gordon

The Toronto-born sisters are known for their avant-garde style and use of hardware, which make them a favourite among the city’s new crop of socialites-in-training.

We spotted JacFlash owner Jaclyn Genovese chatting with scenester Biko Beauttah before the show, and models slipping—but not tripping—on the rough-hewn hardwood (six-inch heels and 100-year-old floors don’t mix well).

Though a few touches (chain embellishments and oversized leather vests) harkened back to the girls’ typical androgynous style, this collection was undoubtedly one of their girliest yet. The fabrics were great: cotton with a half-herringbone-half-snakeskin print, large floral-esque designs and silk with oversized Batik motifs. The only misstep was a flowing bohemian-style gown (which was too simple for a closing dress), though we also wondered about the practicality of leather short shorts.

The deconstructed trenches (we liked it best in navy, since the tan one matched the model’s skin) are ideal for brisk evenings. The silky shorts, with rough chain detailing, show off just the right amount of leg and the long slim tuxedo pants looked great with a tall pair of heels.