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Toronto Fashion Week trends: good hair game (you either got it, or you don’t)

Hair: some people have it, and some people don’t, and one thing we noticed on day three of Toronto Fashion Week is that many of the Canadian Catwalk crew are breaking with hairdo traditions. Miss the ’80s? Just throw a bow in your hair and grow your locks out as much as possible. Like dreamy, soft-lit movies directed by Sofia Coppola? Well, look no further than a dramatic floral headdress designed by Lara Vincent to accent your long, silky tresses. Of course, some people don’t rely on accessories to up their hair game—we noticed some purple candy-coloured hair, some amazing shaggy white locks (good on you for completely destroying your follicles to vaguely resemble Taylor Momsen someone on the cover of M83’s Saturdays=Youth), and the Sinead O’Connor look, which is evidently back in style. There’s also always going to be that guy who doesn’t comb his hair at all and wears a yellow garbage bag, so we’ve just come to accept it. Did you bring good hair game to day three of Fashion Week?