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Toronto Fashion Week trends: bright colours for spring (a revelation!)

TORONTO FASHION WEEK | Trend Report | Colour

Hey, CanadaCool kids! Oh wait, you’re not CanadaCool anymore, you’re Canadian Catwalk, but that doesn’t make any sense, so we’re just going to go straight into the trends. What’s hot, hot, hot for Toronto Fashion Week this season is fierce colour, like Big Bird yellow and tangerine (we spotted this vibrant colour on the complementary footwear of Joe and Kimberley-Newport Mimran). This is rocket science, people: colour is huge for spring. Also, so big for the impending spring: pastels, sunshine, April showers, May flowers and drunk ne’er-do-wells in Trinity Bellwoods Park. But to be fair, it was nice to see people doing something obvious that wasn’t dressing in all black like a PR girl (or wearing sunglasses inside). Check out all of the colourful Canadian Catwalk kids in our gallery after the jump.

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