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Toronto Fashion Week trends: looking like a pussycat

People can play with various shades of lipstick and attempt different kinds of nail art, but correct us if we’re wrong: nothing is bolder than a print. It can be anything—a newsprint dress or, in the case of all the pretty young things at fashion week, a spotty leopard print. Nothing says “CanadaCool” for fall/winter 2011 like a gradated, soiled-looking polyester scarf or cheap-looking carnival plush-fur. We noticed on night one that wearing dead animals is the latest mainstream trend for fashion girls, so it makes sense that there would be an extension of the typical inelegant shag fur. We think it is very bold to pair a wild animal print with a plain black outfit (hopefully including a sassy leather jacket, because never before has the world seen such a pairing); it says, “Hey, I love animals, I love safaris and I love fashion.” Welcome to the jungle, Toronto.

(Images: Erin Simkin)