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Jessica Biffi shows legs, cleavage and ass for spring-summer

Photo by Jenna Marie Wakani

A look from Jessica Biffi's spring collection (Photo by Jenna Marie Wakani)

We have to fess up: we’ve known Jessica Biffi for several years now and rooted for her on the last season of Project Runway—so this is a completely biased report. Be warned.

With a neon spray-painted first number, black lights and hip hop blaring, Biffi presented a ghetto fabulous, club-kid friendly spring collection. We couldn’t imagine ourselves squeezing into gold bootie shorts, ultra-low bustiers (yes, those again) or hot pink sheer jumpsuits, but then again, we’re not really the type to party on Richmond Street, either. But for the legions willing to line-up behind velvet ropes on a Friday night, this is just the stuff for you. It’s also so refreshing to see a different kind of designer here at fashion week—someone clearly not interested in courting the Rosedale matron or Yorkville PYT.

See the full collection after the jump.