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Best Dressed


Toronto’s Best Dressed 2013: our annual list of the city’s most stylish people

Toronto's Most Stylish 2013: Gregg Zaun
GREGG zaun

The 42-year-old is a baseball analyst on Sportsnet.

My personal style in a sentence

“I dress myself like an interior designer would decorate a room: matching colours, with lots of patterns and texture.”

Best fashion advice

“Don’t be afraid to take chances. It’s only one day of looking bad if it goes awry.”

Current obsessions

“I love cufflinks, pocket silks, the double-breasted suits by my designer, Antonio Valente, and Mezlan exotic-skin shoes.”

Wardrobe staples

“Crocodile shoes in as many colours as I can get them in.”


“Don Cherry and Denny Crane [William Shatner’s character on Boston Legal]. My stylist Deb Berman helps me achieve my look.”

Memorable fashion faux pas

“Every Canada Day.”

What he’s wearing

Antonio Valente suit, Dion Collection tie, Rolex Daytona watch, Barclay Jewellers amethyst cufflinks, Persol glasses, his 1997 World Series ring.

  • Hillary

    How many of these most stylish people had stylists for the shoot?

  • CofeConaseur

    and #21 was the perfume spray lady who works at,….just guess…HOLTS! How were these people called the best dressed in TO? While I respect and appreciate the majoirty of these entries I was disappointed to how heavy it was on Holts Employees. ((They tend to be arrogant enough) Did you guys just camp out by the escalators or something? I think the statment “Every girl needs a pair of Manolo Blahnik BB pointed-toe pumps.” pushed me over the edge. Little girl, your a coordinator at a department store. how do you afford Manolo pumps? Im just grossed out by how snobby she sounds people. Im boycotting Holts because of this.

  • Sonny81

    this the stupidest thing I’ve ever read in my life. i would be embarassed to be included on such a worthless list. and how serious these fasion loser take themselves…these people need a serious dose of reality.

    i’m embarassed for you toronto life

  • dalia

    That Zaun guy is only 42?

  • Christine

    there will always be jealous haters

  • Nick Murray-Smith

    and fluff pieces about about smug fashion industry insiders.

  • puttanesca

    You don’t think it makes sense that someone living in Toronto, that is interested in fashion, would be also interested in working at a high end Canadian retail store?

    @cofeconaseur:disqus What would you say is your Wardrobe Staple? Better answer correctly or a bunch of nobodies on the internet are going to make fun of you.

    While you’re at it, tell us what you do for a living, so we can make assumptions about what kind of shoes you can afford.

  • crazyrabbits

    Your first point is irrelevant. The article insinuates that she is a “co-ordinator of fashion direction”, when someone who’s actually been to Holt’s a number of times has identified her role as something completely different.

    Secondly, regardless of the woman’s choice or profile, it does sound snobby to tell other women that they all need a pair of expensive shoes as some kind of essential item, especially from someone who’s already misrepresenting themselves.

  • Alfred

    I thought the same he looks over 50. LOL

  • Robi

    I guess with the new subway extention, you’ll actually be able to leave your Cubicles and actual do a story in the field. You need to cut your Apron Strings and visit neighborhoods around the GTA. Then you will see Real well dressed individuals that will blow the Burberry Socks off your Well Dressed list. Just not up to Snuff!

  • Janet Lewis

    LOL – I love that you admit you have been know to put your clothes on backwards… so many women do this becuase they are usually multi-tasking and always in a rush. Love your style.

  • Sonny81

    If you over the age of 6 and you put your clothes on backwards, you aren’t a dynamic, busy, amazing woman, you’re retarded.

  • Janet Lewis

    Just as an FYI – I am not sure it is politically correct to use the term “retarded”… and sometimes a person might just be having a bad day but I guess that never happens to people who are “perfect”.

  • Sonny81

    Listen to you…politically correct. Yer so cute.

  • CofeConaseur

    Welll I can tell you this PUTTANESCA – you dont need to work in fashion, have alot of money or buy anything at Holts EVER to be a well dressed person with a great sense of style. THAT was my point. my job and salary are irrelevant. but a comment made by a 24 year old coordinator sounding as arrogant as she does just leaves a bad taste. I actually DONT consider myself to be overly fashion forward. And although I can AFFORD to shop at Holts, I dont consider that place the end all be all of fashion representation in Toronto and was very disappointed that there was more then one Holts employee listed on here The coordinator girl just wasnt impressive so it made me think TL didnt put much effort in the article at all. it makes perfect sense that she works there. just sad that shes so superficial that she thinks a pair of 1000.00 shoes is a necessity in “every girls” wardrobe. I actually didnt make assumptions as to how she could afford said shoes. thats why i asked. but now I will. Probably lives at home with her wealthy parents and uses her 35G a year income to fill her closet. Whats my wardrobe staple? there is no incorrect answer. but I for sure would think twice about making a snotty comment. Noone else answered nearly as lame as she did. She’ll grow up and make fun of herself in a few years. I didnt have to do that for her.

  • dalia

    Maybe it’s a typo. Maybe they meant 52. Because 42 means he’s literally a couple years older than me, and… wow.

  • stoeten

    Yeah, how dare anybody care about the feelings of groups of people they’re not a part of. FYI, I’m concerned about the feelings of pigs, so that’s why I won’t call you swine.