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Best Dressed


Introducing: Andrew Coimbra, Toronto Life’s most stylish reader

Last month, in honour of our 2012 Stylebook (now available for purchase on newsstands and online), we embarked on a hunt for Toronto Life’s Most Stylish Reader. Our readers submitted a snapshot of themselves at their sartorial best and told us why they are among the city’s most stylish; our editors narrowed the choice down to 10 finalists; and then we left it to the readers to vote for the winner. The voting frenzy is over, and we’re pleased to announce that the title belongs to Andrew Coimbra, 25, who was born and raised in Toronto, works for Philip Sparks and is entering his final year in the fashion design program at George Brown (he also has a pair of stylishly curated Tumblrs). “If I am unique—or if my style is unique—it’s because of my personality, I think. And I would say the same for everyone,” he said. Coimbra wins $2,000 worth of prizes, and an invite to our Most Stylish party at the Shangri-La this Thursday to celebrate our second annual list of the city’s most stylish people. We expect he’ll fit in well.

  • McDuck

    I must be way out of style, I thought this outfit was the most hideous of the bunch. I guess this is what happens when you have open voting for contests such as this, turns out to be more of a popularity contest.

  • JDouros

    Such bitterness, it is fine to not agree with the choice, but to publicly and anonymously insult someone is pretty low.

  • kirsten

    Most stylish? Not in my opinion. I keep an open mind but seriously, this is far from my idea of a stylish ensemble. For certain this person has an original style but to be deemed the best in Toronto seems far fetched.

  • sugarsugar

    haters gonna hate.

  • F

    LOL.. wtf is this? the matrix meets a hobo?

  • John

    Not stylish IMO. Seems like someone got a lot of his pals to vote.

  • Batman

    Andrew was not given the title of Toronto’s most stylish citizen, but Toronto Life’s most stylish reader. The contest was open to the public and I’m sure each of the contenders asked all of their friends to vote, not just Andrew. He just happened to have more committed/dedicated friends or maybe just more friends all together.

    Someone won a contest and it wasn’t you, move on.

  • MrsPotato


    is this sums up the toronto life reader, i feel blessed i don’t pay for a subscription!

  • Andrew Coimbra

    Womp womp womp. (in response to the negative comments)