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The Royal Visit: Kate Middleton wears a navy blazer, but it is Canadian

Kate Middleton in Smythe at Heathrow (Image: Steve Parsons-WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Kate Middleton has arrived is set to arrive in Canada at 2 p.m., and those clenching their teeth in anticipation of what she might wear when she touches our nation’s capital’s soil should look no further. She’s representing the Great White North with local talent Smythe’s structured navy single-button blazer ($550 at Holt Renfrew) and, of course, carrying a bag by big Brit brand Mulberry ($1,433—we could buy almost three Smythe jackets for the price of her sensible-looking bag). But, seriously, we can’t wait to see her immerse herself in stereotypical Canadian fashion culture by bumming around in a pair of salt-and-pepper Roots sweatpants. We just hope this fashion parade doesn’t begin and end with Smythe.

  • af

    bor ing

  • hunh?

    Not sure if af thinks the clothes are boring but I can’t see someone of her rank and stature dressing anything BUT up-tight, high British society boring! Other than that, it’s a boring article. I can’t believe what TO Life has become I used to love it for the articles and offerings that had meaning, informational value, or actual substance but I see it’s gone the way of ..magazines I don’t even read. I just don’t know anymore. It’s a good thing it’s available in online format because I don’t know how people can buy this crap. I think Will & Kate are great but leave it to People or whatever to talk about Kate’s clothing!