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Suzanne Rogers invites the Internet into her closet

Suzanne Rogers makes a splash on the streets and the Internet (Image: Stefania Yarhi)

Equal parts a little girl’s dream and a style-conscious socialite’s crown jewel, Suzanne Rogers’ closet is truly an accomplishment—although in what, other than abundance, we’re not so sure. A massive spread, freshly launched on the appropriately titled fashion and style website The Coveteur, has finally put Rogers’ masterpiece on display for the entire world to fawn over. The site’s profile of the fashion aficionado is more akin to fashion porn than anything else, and in order to fully appreciate the sheer decadence of Rogers’ mentionables, we recommend reviewing The Coveteur’s complete editorial coverage. Meanwhile, we’ve broken her closet down into some of its key elements:

The fitting room: “Timeless and oh-so-very feminine” is how Rogers describes this Old World- and French-inspired space adorned with multiple wall units, each packed and colour-coded with shoes for just about every occasion—barring, of course, any occasion takes place in the spring or summer, because Rogers apparently only has room to keep two seasons’ worth of goodies on display. Who said wealth didn’t have limitations? See more of Suzanne Rogers’ closet after the jump.

It’s a Barbie playhouse tea party: An antique place setting with bright pink quilted Chanel handbags is the perfect place for guests to rest their feet after touring the closet grounds. It’s hardly the only place we found handbags in this home—they’re spilling out from behind every nook and cranny.

Pat Benatar has nothing on these jackets: Among Rogers’ “rocker chic” jacket collection, she highlights a selection of Balmain crystal-detailed coats, but we think they look more ladies-who-lunch than Courtney Love. Call us crazy, but when we thought rock ’n’ roll, we thought of her Christopher Kane jacket collection.

The pastels that shook the world: From pink to periwinkle, Rogers’ shoe collection features heavyweights like Yves Saint Laurent, Nicholas Kirkwood and Brian Atwood. Her bright and bubbly personality is well represented: “I will wear bright colours even when I’m 90,” she says. If only this were the sole concern of our lives.

Call this display the perks of being a high-profile fundraiser, philanthropist and heir to the Rogers fortune. At least Rogers’ soul-crushing collection is carefully assembled to reflect her perfect public image (the whole photo shoot is overtly staged; where are the strewn panties or the outfit from last night’s party in a ball on the floor?). For someone of means, this is a high standard. For everyone else, there’s MasterCard.

  • Design Peeps

    I have say wow!
    What an incredible closet, thanks for the inside look.
    This lady is likely the queen of fashion for Canada.
    Hat’s off to her!

  • Johanne Tummon

    Wow this piece is just plain nasty. Why all the catty remarks along with two references to her underwear and one to porn?
    This is fashion at its extreme – what did you expect to find in Suzanne Roger’s closest?

  • Lindsay

    What’s with all the negativity towards a woman who does such great things for charity? The Coveteur showcases extraordinary ladies and their extraodinary closets….good for them! Mrs. Roger’s heart is 10 times bigger and more fabulous than her closet…..leave her alone!

  • Margaret

    Do you have some fanatical obsession with Suzanne Rogers? There is no one you write more about. Does your company have some sort of envy with the Rogers? Hopefully one day they will own you and we won’t have to read this garbage any more.

  • Jill Phelps

    You have completly taken out of context a lovely piece done by The Covetuer on Suzanne. Shame on you. She is a stylish woman who actually does something with fashion and represents Canada in a positive ‘fashionable light’. What is this obsession with her and what she has?? All of us would love to have what she does and most of us sit and watch with admiration; the rest of you can’t stand what she has and that is the core of all of this..pure envy.

  • Evan David

    What is wrong with you people? Here is a woman who brings some colour to the fashion landscape of Canada and is featured in a prominent website that has such few Canadians in it and you write this??? You try and bring our own down instead of praising and applauding their position in the international fashion scene? Really? This woman brought some heavy hitters of fashion to Canada and gave Toronto a fashion boost mixed with some great charitable causes; who else has done that?? No one. Her closet and fashion sense is stunning; your commentary is disgusting.

  • Jacob

    For years I’ve watched those who are incredibly jealous and envious of Suzanne attempt to rip her to shreds with these online blogs. I’m just so sick of it.

    First — it is truly disgusting. I echo your sentiments, Evan David!

    Second — I often wonder if all the negative remarks come from one person. The person I am thinking of should really get a new hobby or at the very least seek some professional help – you need it! That person might also consider eating something every so often rather than starving herself. Just a thought!

    Most importantly: Suzanne Rogers is an incredible woman. She has a passion for fashion and there is nothing wrong with that! Fashion is a form of art and self expression. Those who know Suzanne know she is extremely down to earth, playful, colorful and sweet – much like the items which fill her closet. Indeed it is Suzanne’s passion which has benefited many charitable causes. As a fellow Canadian, I couldn’t be more proud of Suzanne.

  • DL

    I saw the photos on The Covetuer and they are truly beathtaking and beautiful. Her posting is by far the most impressive. Rogers has incredible taste and style. She is a Canadian who does stand out for her individual style. I do hope she is wearing pink when she is 90; I am sure she will be stylish even then. Good for you Suzanne – you really do have some fans!!

  • DL

    What can we do about people that really have nothing better to do but comment on others who are working hard to bring the best of fashion for the love of giving.

    Dear Suzanne, I want to be the one to thank you for all the good things that you are doing, you are amazing, and keep going girl!!

  • AKA

    The Coveteur is an original high end fashion website; it portrays some really fabulous women/men in their respective fashion fields. It is not surprising that Rogers was a feature and by all accounts the best posting as of yet.she really blew everyone else away. Rogers looks stunning and has a wonderful accurate profile. What’s up Toronto Life? You are way out of line…..

  • Gabrielle

    This woman is like a train wreck – you can’t help but look. Once again Toronto Life showcases the glitz and glamour. If she’s such a wonderful, generous person, then why isn’t TL showing that side of her? This article does nothing but make her look like a spoiled brat. In a time when real people and families are stuggling to stay afloat we’re taking a peak into an excessively over-indulged socialite’s closet? Give me a break!

  • Red

    Hmm…Dear author of this ridiculous write up…you hide behind an article and await to bash a woman of high integrity and class. I wander who pays you to do this? It is truly amazing how endlessly and desperately you sit and wait to find something to pick on about a wonderful woman as Suzanne Rogers!! Why didn’t you write about “Suzanne Rogers presents Marchesa”? The gala and fashion show she hosted on May 5, 2011 that raised $925,000 for children’s charities including the Herbie Fund, the Children’s Aid Foundation, the Rose Home for Children in New Delhi and the Sarah Ferguson Foundation.Oh yes..Pardon me “author” you wouldn’t dare say something nice and truthful because people like yourself and “Gabrielle” are nasty and jealous humans!!
    Suzanne…your beautiful inside and out…keep up the great work!

  • Red

    my apologies…The “Suzanne Rogers presents Marchesa” event was April 5, 2011…

  • Harry Gorilla

    Yo Dave,

    These comments are hilarious. I guess you really overstepped your bounds on this article. I personally see no problem with investing a lot of money on your wardrobe, and I am guilty of doing it too. Of course, I’m a grad student and get payed less than the poverty line after tuition so my expenses are considerably less. Maybe if she invested her money in something more frivolous like dinosaur eggs it would be less of a touchy subject. Keep up the good work bro.

    P.S. I hear she illegally downloads mp3s. What’s up with that?

  • Richard

    I think Mrs Rogers has an incredible fashion collection and I am so glad she chose to share it with us. Who doesn’t enjoy taking a peek of someone’s closet? I’m sure each of the items that Mrs. Rogers showcased has a story behind it. Mrs. Rogers has also said in the past that she has many outfits which she plans to auction off and donate to charities, so why all the negativity? Tell me, Dave, what actions of your own stand to benefit humanity?

  • PL

    Perhaps she is a nice person and I am sure she does a lot of charity work as she herself does not need to have a regular job with all the money her husband brings in from our over-charged cellphone and internet services. I just wish sometimes that editors would stop trying to “sell” Suzanne so much. We get it. She’s rich and “fabulous.” We need to stop competing with New York in trying to have a high society social set. Its just not working.

  • JN

    When Suzanne walks into a room she lights it up! From her happy spirit and warm smile, to her soft and genuine laugh. Her clothes are a reflection of her heart, which is
    generous, thoughtful, sweet, supportive and lovable.

    She is one of the most intelligent and determined woman Toronto has to offer. We should be proud to have her! She has totally changed this city by connecting her love of fashion and philanthropy into a constructive charitable means. There’s not many woman who devote the time and effort she does to charity, the Canadian economy, family and friends.

    The Coveteur pictures are beautiful pieces of art! The juxtaposition of fashion and interior design is genius, classy and charming.

    To know her, is to love her.

  • Laura Ellen Schon

    Paris Hilton would be impressed with Suzanne Rogers’ multiple closets. Wonder if she’s hiding anything in any of those closets; if so she should come out of the closet(s). However if she did then she could just go hide in another closet. She has so many closets that is; she could remain hidden for rest of her life! Just kidding!

  • turned off by a fashion victim

    Excess is never in good taste. An example of extravagance, excess, over consumerism. HUGE carbon foot print.

    I’ve cut off my wireless, internet, cable tv AND magazine subscriptions. I am completely turned off by the extravagance and over opulence. Also turned off by your poor customer service and overcharges (robbers!)time and time again.

    When, EVERYONE cuts off their cable TV subscriptions at the same time, rogers aka robbers by many, will then take note. Yucks. Major, major turn off.

    Suzanne is, or is the daughter of, east European immigrants and is rich because she married into a wealthy family that makes their money by owning a monopoly cable company (in certain geographical areas), over charging customers.

    She is able to do ‘charitable’ work as she has no need to hold down a regular job. I would like to see her to real down and dirty charitable work. Work in the soup kitchen. MANY times and not just a token one time. Go out in the mid cold winter, ON FOOT, and hand out food to street people. With her loot, she is also able to fund foreign mission trips to Africa, India etc. That is real charity. Not donning a fancy dress to attend a fancy function.

    TO life has had many write ups about Mrs. S. Rogers. Enough! Or if you continue to insist writing features on her, how about photos of her without her makeup?

  • CW

    Everyone has a right to their own opinion – many people view Suzanne as excessive, OTT and swimming in a wealth that was NOT of her own making. Others view her to be fashionable, philanthropic, do-no-harm etc. These are all extremely valid view points. Yes, she is charitable, Yes, she is probably very kind. BUT, and this is a major but, it is very easy to be charitable and ‘giving’ with your time when you are wealthy beyond belief. If she took off the $10,000 Balmain blazer (of which she displays three in one picture) and actually volunteered to get her hands dirty, then maybe ‘ordinary folk’ would take her more seriously. She is very blatantly NOT down to earth and sometimes she looks like a high-class joke. I think this writer owns his opinion and expresses some legitimate criticism.

  • vb

    ……and once a week Suzanne Rogers goes into her extravagant closet, pulls out a beautiful dress, shoes and purse yet she is not heading to a board meeting or even lunch. Suzanne is heading to Sick Children’s Hospital where she plays, reads and comforts young children whose mothers are not around to be with them. When these children spill things on her expensive dress or damage a pair of beautiful shoes she continues to go back for more!
    Suzanne will be a Sick Kids, next week and the week after and she has been doing this for years. What are you doing this week?

  • Kevin Freeman

    It’s always so infuriating reading comments from self-rightous people who stand on the side lines and feel that they can throw stones…. Since when is it up to Suzanne Rogers to save the world and prove herself to some embitttered people??? – because she has some nice shoes and dresses??. – So what! It’s her business what she buys with her money not yours and why do you care?

    Rogers is not in any way obligated to do anything for charity at all or to put her name to a good cause; absoulutly nothing – she chooses to. What have you done? Do YOU help out in soup kitchens on weekends? Do YOU give any extra income you have to charity? Rogers doesn’t have to do a thing nor is she obligated to. If someone is wealthy do they have to ‘prove’ their worth by doing charity expeditions to Africa and by wearing a potato sack?

    There are many other women in this city who have more resorces then Rogers yet do far far less (and yes they also have Balmain in their closets…) Since when CW does she need to get her hands dirty ?? She married a wealthy man – now that’s a problem??; because her wealth was ‘not her own making’?? Give me a break…you’ve just described 90 percent of all housewives living in Forest Hill…. Focus on your own life people and what you can do to make the world a better place, not what you expect others to do because they have more then you.

    The only comment I would say to Mrs. Rogers from reading some of these comments is ‘No good deed goes unpunished’….

  • David Hirano

    This is an example of the excesses of North American culture. It is an article devoted to sheer waste. Too much self cherishing. I was not impressed.

  • Susan Smart

    “Suzanne Rogers’ closet is truly an accomplishment—although in what, other than abundance…” ? Bang on! This doesn’t look like the closet of someone with style. It looks like the closet of a greedy senseless shopping machine. There’s a difference between having style and having a shopping sickness – it looks like she said I’ll have 3 of EVERYTHING. The article is not about her philanthropy or whatever marvels she performs in her day (ya right) it’s about how she stocks her closet and this woman does it like a tasteless senseless bottomless pit.
    What’s with all the cheer leading comments? What’s even more telling is she’s so clueless how obscene her shopping is she actually wanted people to see her warehouse, I mean, closets!

  • kt

    Jealous, Susan? If she can afford it then what’s the problem. Everything I’ve read about her shows that she gives plenty of money to charity.