Thistletown-Beaumond Heights

Real Estate Guide: Thistletown-Beaumond Heights

Two-storey homes have replaced the cottages that dominated the area in the first half of the 20th century (Image: Jenna Marie Wakani)

  • toronto real estate board overview
  • located in sector: W10
  • average 2012 sale prices
  • all homes: $276,886
  • detached houses: $395,550
  • semi-detached houses: $328,500
  • townhomes: $129,950
  • apartments: $169,129
  • neighbourhood map: see map

Tucked between two forks of the Humber River, the area enjoys a stretch of parkland and green space you can follow all the way down to the waterfront. The nearby strip malls along Albion Road aren’t much of an attraction, but there are some ethnic grocers to add variety to the dinner table. The Village Green, a field behind Albion, was deeded to Thistletown residents in the 1890s and is the site of the popular Thistletown Village Green Festival, held on the first Saturday in June. The area first caught the eye of developers during the real estate boom of the 1950s and ’60s, at which point houses (mostly bungalows) were constructed north of Albion. The older, more picturesque section south of Albion—no sidewalks, streets embowered with spruce and elm—has undergone a housing explosion of sorts, with contemporary two-storey homes supplanting the cottages that originally populated the area. Beaumond Heights, to the northwest, is a slightly newer development that abounds with new families and recent immigrants taking advantage of the excellent value—large, affordable homes with plenty of parks and accessible transit corridors.

  • Beaumonde Heights Juniors Middle School
    70 Monterrey Drive, 394-7790
  • Thistletown Collegiate Institute
    20 Fordwich Crescent, 394-7710
  • St. John Vianney
    105 Thistledown Boulevard, 393-5392
  • neighbourhood hot spots

Anga’s Farm & Nursery
This may be the last real working farm in the City of Toronto; its garden centre offers everything you’ll need for yard maintenance, as well as honey from its own bees. 89 Bankfield Dr., 416-839-2111.

Madras Dosa Hut
Large South Asian families fill the round, plastic-covered tables to chow down on huge masala dosas while Bollywood dance numbers play on several TV screens. 1123 Albion Rd., 416-741-4097.