South Parkdale

Real Estate Guide: South Parkdale

Large Victorians—from beautifully restored row houses to somewhat dilapidated mansions—characterize South Parkdale’s tree-lined streets

  • toronto real estate board overview
  • located in sector: W01
  • average 2012 sale prices
  • all homes: $532,024
  • detached houses: $810,500
  • semi-detached houses: $840,000
  • townhomes: $430,467
  • apartments: $407,889
  • neighbourhood map: see map

From hoary mansions to tombstone apartments and back again, Old Parkdale’s various dwellings sit cheek by jowl. Queen West is still gritty in spots, though family businesses and a few fashionable restaurants might be turning the tide. With fewer commercial tenants, King seems more desolate. Residential streets change from lot to lot: it’s common to find a dandelioned lawn and a dirt yard bracketing a landscaped flower garden. Neighbourhood die-hards believe the high number of rooming houses and rental apartments will act as a bulwark against the creep of gentrification from nearby Roncesvalles and West Queen West (though the area has seen a few new condos spring up). East of Dufferin, historic warehouses house an entertainment and media cluster sprinkled with trendy restaurants.

  • Parkdale
    1303 Queen Street West, 393-7686
  • Queen Victoria Junior Public School
    100 Close Avenue
  • Parkdale Collegiate Institute
    209 Jameson Avenue
  • Mary, Mother of God School
  • Name of Catholic school
    1515A Queen Street West, 531-7897
  • neighbourhood hot spots

School Bakery and Café
Brad Moore’s kitschy, scholastically themed restaurant now serves dinner, but the main attraction remains its lunch and brunch offerings. 70 Fraser Ave. 416-588-0005.

The Workroom
It’s a seamstress’s heaven: from beginner’s classes to rent-by-the-hour sewing machines and sergers to hard-to-find designer fabrics. 1340 Queen St. W., 416-534-5305.

Grand Electric
This small and loud taco bar from a pair of Black Hoof exiles draws lineups around the block for its Baja fish and pork belly offerings, as well its uncommonly long list of excellent bourbons. 1330 Queen St. W., 416-627-3459.