Eringate-Centennial-West Deane

Real Estate Guide: Eringate-Centennial-West Deane

All the calm of a bedroom community (Image: Jenna Marie Wakani)

  • toronto real estate board overview
  • located in sector: W08
  • average 2012 sale prices
  • all homes: $508,764
  • detached houses: $774,563
  • semi-detached houses: N/A
  • townhomes: $370,398
  • apartments: $322,780
  • neighbourhood map: see map

The requisite car culture and distance from the city’s steady hum give the neighbourhood the calm feel of a bedroom community. Although many older people remain in the area, the numerous schools and spacious homes are attracting considerable attention from families looking to grow. The Centennial area earned blue chip status in 2009, recording some of the highest solid gains in home values in Canada. Since then, prices have held steady in the neighbourhood of ranch-style bungalows and two-storey homes. Residents report that the nearby airport isn’t too noisy and even livens up the view from the top of the Centennial Park skiing hill.

  • Elmbrook Park
    2 Elmbrook Crescent, 394-5290
  • Wellesworth Junior School
    225 Wellesworth Drive, 394-7080
  • Hollycrest Middle School
    630 Renforth Drive, 394-7050
  • Briarcrest Junior School
    60 Wellesworth Drive, 394-6180
  • Mill Valley Junior School
    411 Mill Road, 394-7060
  • Seneca School
    580 Rathburn Road, 394-4600
  • Josyf Cardinal Slipyj
    35 West Deane Park Drive, 393-5413
  • Nativity of Our Lord
    35 Saffron Crescent, 393-5288
  • Michael Power/St. Joseph
    105 Eringate Drive, 393-5529
  • Mother Cabrini
    720 Renforth Drive, 393-5340
  • neighbourhood hot spots

Centennial Park Ski and Snowboard Centre
It’s not exactly Whistler, but the three-run ski hill is close. 256 Centennial Park Rd., 416-394-8754.

Wild Goose Bar & Grill
For cold beer and pub grub. 5395 Eglinton Ave. W., 416-620-6868.