Lawrence Park South

Real Estate Guide: Lawrence Park South

Front lawn landscaping is de rigueur in this affluent suburb in the city

  • toronto real estate board overview
  • located in sector: C04
  • average 2012 sale prices
  • all homes: $942,962
  • detached houses: $1,112,518
  • semi-detached houses: $795,743
  • townhomes: N/A
  • apartments: $373,716
  • neighbourhood map: see map

The area retains some of its original character from the 1880s, when the Metropolitan Street Railway developed it as the northern end of its five-cent Bloor rail line. Some houses date from the early 1900s, but most were built between 1910 and the late 1940s. Some English Cottage, Georgian and Colonial-style mansions are being torn down for more modern homes, occasionally incensing local preservation groups (the demolition of Langdon House, a Tudor-revival dating back to the 1920s, is a battle waged at community council meetings). Although the area is close to many things bright and beautiful—the Rosedale Golf Club, the Granite Club, Toronto French School—the facilities within its own boundaries are more modest. Allenby Primary School, the first in Toronto to offer French immersion, has resided here since 1931 and is a selling point for many parents. Muir Park and Blythwood Ravine are small but well kept, and Burke Brook and McDougall Stream run under much of the neighbourhood, making for unpredictable (and entertaining) topography, such as the dip in the courtyard of the 3080 Yonge Street shopping plaza at the corner of Lawrence.

  • Locke
    3083 Yonge Street, 393-7730
  • Blythwood Junior Public School
    2 Strathgowan Crescent, 393-9105
  • Glenview Senior Public School
    401 Rosewell Avenue, 393-9390
  • John Ross Robertson Junior Public School
    130 Gengrove Avenue West, 393-9400
  • Lawrence Park Collegiate
    125 Chatworth Drive, 393-9500
  • Allenby Junior Public School
    391 St. Clements Avenue, 393-9115
  • Havergal College
    1451 Avenue Road, 483-3519
  • neighbourhood hot spots

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