September 2013 Contents

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Editor's Letter Love my neighbours By Sarah Fulford


The Moment Test-driving the new Euro-streetcars

Roundup The flood according to Instagram

Q&A Ron Deibert, U of T’s cyber-espionage savant, on the treacheries of spyware

Ego Meter What’s making and shaking the city’s self-image

Camera The month’s best parties

Primer Kensington Market’s indie shop owners versus the big bad capitalists

Ford Watch The mayor’s attention deficit, in words and pictures

The Audit A penny-by-penny reckoning of Toronto’s spending habits

Urban Diplomat Advice on how to be a civilized Torontonian


The Best Places to Live The ultimate statistical ranking of Toronto’s 140 neighbourhoods. Plus: the idyllic streets, must-attend schools, notable residents and local hangs that make them great

The Real World Reality TV is booming in Toronto, with over 100 shows made here every year, some of them drawing more viewers than (gasp) hockey. Call it an affront to good taste or appointment television, it’s the future of Canadian entertainment By Emily Landau

Better Than Weed The latest drug craze is a fake version of pot that’s stronger than the real thing, doesn’t show up in standard drug tests and sells in convenience stores. Depending on who you ask, it might even be legal By Courtney Shea


The Thing Socks to be you

The Look Biker chicks, fresh princes and other fall trends deconstructed

The List Ten things You Gotta Eat Here! host John Catucci can’t live without

Great Spaces A condo decked out for bachelordom


Must-Try Susur Lee’s fiery tuna and watermelon ceviche at Bent

The Critic Harbord Room chef Cory Vitiello’s fashionable new club­house

Flavour of the Month Tater Tots take the high road

Prep School Toca chef Gihen Zitouni’s savoury ways with saturn peaches

Wine Okanagan bottles worth seeking out online


Spotlight Joseph Boyden’s taste for blood and butchery

The Argument JFL42, Toronto’s edgy new comedy fest, is no joke

Quote-Unquote Five things you didn’t know about Soulpepper’s Albert Schultz

Backstory The grisly Yonge Street murder behind Anthony De Sa’s new novel

Current Obsession Harry Enchin’s time-warp photographs


Restaurants, Theatre, Dance, Music, Art, Family, Etc. Our recommendations for making the most of the month


Memoir The UCC teacher who ruined my life By Stéphane Beauroy