July 2012 Contents

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Editor’s Letter

Condos built for speed

This City

Reason to Love Toronto Chinese art star Zhang Huan’s big reveal

Q&A Levi Bent-Lee is launching his own restaurant, with Susur in the kitchen. What it’s like to be your famous dad’s boss

Urban Diplomat Advice on how to be a civilized Torontonian

The Moment Conrad Black’s smoochy homecoming

Camera Leonard Cohen, party animal

High Life Private planes of the city’s aviator class

Ego Meter What’s making and shaking the city’s self-image this month


Stephen Marche The question isn’t whether we should have a downtown casino. It’s how we can make it fabulous. An argument for embracing vice


Faulty Towers
The rush to build new condos in Toronto has resulted in falling glass, disgruntled buyers and multi-million-dollar lawsuits. An investigation into who’s to blame By Philip Preville

Jorn and Rufus in Love
They’ve only been here a few months, and they’re already the most coveted party guests in town. Meet Jorn Weisbrodt, the art world power broker newly in charge of the Luminato festival, and his fiancé, a newly housebroken Rufus Wainwright By Katrina Onstad

The Cult of Pastor Song
The sex scandal consuming Toronto’s Korean community began when six international students said they were repeatedly gang-raped by members of their small church. The accused alleged that their eccentric pastor brainwashed the women to deflect attention from his own transgressions. A surreal tale of zealotry, blind faith and revenge By May Jeong


The Thing Snap decisions about a super-cool iPhone camera lens

The List Ten things jazz singer Sophie Milman can’t live without

Great Spaces A wicked Wychwood Park estate that seems plucked from the past

Real Estate The price of vanity in Roncesvalles? $1.35 million

Food & Drink

Must-try Augie’s pimped-out popsicles

Weekend Traveller The very best places to eat, drink, and sleep off the hangover in Prince Edward County

Just Opened The hottest new restaurants reviewed


Spotlight Tanis Rideout aims high with her buzzy debut novel about George Mallory’s failed attempt to scale Everest

The Argument Sarah Polley’s romanticization of Toronto in Take This Waltz is as pretty as an Instagram pic

See, Hear, Read: Summer Edition Our picks for the hottest releases of the season

Current Obsession Photographer Lori Nix’s crazy-making miniature worlds

Going Out

Restaurants, Theatre, Music, Art, Dance, Family, Etc.


My life on antidepressants By Jan Wong