October 2012 Contents

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Editor’s Letter

Daycare drama

This City

Reason to Love Toronto Because Maple Leaf Gardens defied the wrecking ball

Q&A Omar Khadr’s lawyer on his life at Guantanamo

Urban Diplomat Advice on how to be a civilized Torontonian

Camera Ernie Els adds a whiff of controversy to Right to Play’s inaugural bash

Primer Behind the scenes at the unabashedly luxe new Four Seasons Hotel

Ego Meter What’s making and shaking the city’s self-image this month


Philip Preville Wherever you stand on shark fins and plastic bags, city council’s banning binge is bad for Toronto

Jesse Brown Fame seekers have finally figured out how to make a living on YouTube—and it only takes about a million clicks a week


Best of Fall
Our annual preview of blow-your-mind new movies, plays, operas, concerts, art shows, books, restaurants, fashion and more. In other words, a whole season’s worth of fabulous things to see, hear, read, eat and buy. We highly recommend you clear your schedule

Take My Kids, Please!
The daycare shortage is beyond critical. Impossibly long waiting lists for astronomically priced spots is the new normal, and all-day kindergarten is making things worse. One mom’s maddening search for childcare in the city By Naomi Buck

The Collector
When the country’s wealthiest families want to buy a painting, they call Ash Prakash, a reclusive art dealer renowned for his connections, his discretion and his secret stash of multi-million-dollar masterpieces By Leah McLaren


The Thing A $300 ice-making gadget for artisanally inclined cocktail geeks

The List Brad Smith, the CFL star–turned–reality TV Bachelor, shares the 10 things he can’t live without

The Look Capes to cure the pre-winter blahs

Great Spaces A curio-filled Rosedale condo offers proof of two lives well spent

Real Estate The dream: a $650,000 Annex house with two bedrooms, three bathrooms, parking and a big backyard. The reality: try Don Mills instead

Food & Drink

Must-try The best spicy garlic ramen in the world—scientifically proven, Scout’s honour!—is made right here, at Kinton Ramen on Baldwin Street

The Way We Eat Now Locavore, schmocavore: the new ethical eaters are hunter-gatherers. How foraging infiltrated fine dining

Just Opened The city’s hottest new restaurants reviewed

Flavour of the Month Toronto’s top chefs on their favourite farmers’ market finds—and how to prep them at home

Wine Quirky, bargain-basement New World appellations, and other Lawrason favourites for fall

Going Out

Restaurants, Theatre, Music, Art, Dance, Family, Etc.


Serious pain in the butt: my 10-year war with colitis By Julie Devaney