November 2011 Contents

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Editor’s Letter

The new gilded age

This City

Reason to Love Toronto Because we’re the centre of the gaming universe

Q&A Political egghead Janice Gross Stein on the perils of Facebook

Urban Diplomat Advice on how to be a civilized Torontonian

Camera A fête for the mayor we wish we had

Ego Meter What’s making and shaking the city’s self-image this month


Philip Preville They’re not urban wildlife. They’re vermin. The case for killing raccoons


The Loaded List
Our shamelessly gawking roundup of the highest-paid people in the city

Destination Munkistan
Peter Munk’s new champagne-drenched Adriatic playground for billionaires By Leah McLaren

Going Mobile
The last place to get a nice-size home for less than $150,000 in the GTA By Nicholas Hune-Brown

The Man in the Mouse
How a kid named Joel Zimmerman, a.k.a. Deadmau5, became a multi-millionaire DJ By Sarah Liss


The Thing A fiery way to prolong backyard revelry

The List Ten things professional Dragon Kevin O’Leary can’t live without

Great Spaces Inside four churches born again as residences

Real Estate The search for a downtown dream condo comes full circle

Food & Drink

Introducing Organic fish ’n’ chips at Off the Hook

The Critic Adventures in Aboriginal dining

Flavour of the Month The city’s best tacos

Wine Tuscan reds


Spotlight Blythe Wilson adds a spoonful of sugar to Mary Poppins

The Argument The fatal flaw in David Hockney’s iPad art

The Conversation Artist-illustrators Gary Taxali and Graham Roumieu talk wine and wolverines

Current Obsession Photographer Joseph Hartman’s Neil Young Gothic

See, Hear, Read Know-it-alls pick the movie, music and book release of the month

Going Out

Restaurants, Theatre, Music, Art, Dance, Family, Etc.


As a 59-year-old university professor with a wife and three children, the last thing I expected was to fall prey to opiates—again