March 2010 Contents

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George Smitherman vs. Himself
The political pit bull with a hard-partying past and a notorious temper now wants us to believe he’s a sentimental family man with a righteous ambition to make this city truly great. It might be the perfect CV for our next mayor By Gerald Hannon

Totally Freaked Out
Brand name toys are painted with lead, supermarket food contains hormones, and even the family doctor can’t give a straight answer about vaccines. A new generation of moms and dads don’t know whom to trust, and they’re embracing extreme measures to protect their kids from invisible threats. Lessons in irrational parenting By Siri Agrell

The Toronto Diet
Stanley Bernstein has helped 450,000 patients lose a ton of fat by putting them on a merciless 850-calories-per-day diet and injecting them with his secret vitamin B cocktail. His critics say the diet is dangerous. His followers say they’ve never been happier By Robert Hough


The New General Store
How Shoppers Drug Mart became a ubiquitous one-stop-shop consumer playground By Maryam Sanati


Super-geek Robert J. Sawyer on his best-selling sci-fi empire • A post-pubescent’s guide to Drake and Justin Bieber, music’s new it boys • Are you gonna sit there? How often TTC seats get cleaned • Life lessons from Don Cherry


The List
Suzanne Rogers, Toronto’s sparkliest glitter girl, on the 10 things she can’t live without

Super Shopper
The city’s best loot By Alanna Davey

Six Torontonians who dote, and splurge, on their best friends By Amy Verner

Great Spaces
A Yorkville penthouse made for party people By Kelvin Browne

Real Estate
A Riverdale semi gets primped and pimped for market By Bert Archer

Extreme Japanese: adventures in kaiseki cooking By James Chatto

Niagara upstarts that are defying the odds By David Lawrason

Killer whoopie pies, super-sized dining, plus our star-rated reviews

This Month
Jully Black is back, Alex Colville never left, plus our arts and enter­tainment listings