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Drake and Rob Ford team up to try to make the Raptors cool again

(Image: @TOMayorFord)

Today in weird match-ups: at a Toronto Raptors press conference this morning, Drake and Rob Ford together announced that the team will host the 2016 All-Star Game. Drake—who, along with being Toronto’s biggest booster, is an avid Raptors fan—was also named the Raptors’ new “global ambassador,” an as-yet-undefined position that could encompass anything from wearing more team gear to persuading his NBA buddies to sign with Toronto (Ford did not receive a similar basketball ambassadorship). Drake will also have a say on the Raptors’ new colours, which are changing from the current white-and-red scheme for the 2015–16 season. The franchise is hoping the All-Star Game, Drake’s golden touch and a new look will give a much-needed boost to its cool factor. We humbly submit that they might want to add one more to-do to that list: win some games. [Toronto Star]