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Chris Bosh Watch: no tears for the ex-Raptor, but a whole lotta whine

“The Heat is Own”: graffiti from Miami featuring Chris Bosh, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade (Image: Bob B. Brown)

Chris Bosh is busy acting the fool (again) in the local media. No, the former Toronto Raptors franchise player didn’t get named as one of the Miami Heat locker-room crybabies, but he did get his whine on in the wake of his squad’s 105-96 loss to the Portland Trail Blazers on Tuesday night. The Big Three’s third wheel complained about his season-long role in the team’s offence, finally seeming to understand that when you’re the third option on an NBA team you don’t get to pick and choose where and when you get the ball. The full whine, after the jump.


At the center of Bosh’s complaint was not getting more touches in the low post. As part of the Heat’s offense this season, Bosh has operated out of the high post and taken mostly jump shots while being a screen-setter for teammates Dwyane Wade and LeBron James. Bosh said he planned to raise the issue with teammates and [head coach Eric] Spoelstra.

“I’ve got to get back in my comfort zone, I haven’t been in my comfort zone,” Bosh said. “A lot of things are new for me. I just have to be more aggressive in demanding my [the ball] comfort zone, you know I’ll take the fault for that… I’m effective down in the low post area, so that is where I need to start getting the ball. I need to be assertive in demanding it.

“I’m saying what I need to do as a player, a closed mouth doesn’t get fed. I’m uncomfortable now so you might as well do something else. If there’s a disagreement or something, that’s fine, we can talk about it. If they don’t want that, that’s OK, but I just feel that I have to be my normal self. I’m not there right now. I haven’t been there many times this season.”

The best part—aside from weird and incoherent remarks in the last paragraph—is that Bosh’s comments came after one of his worst games of the season, scoring just seven points on 3-of-11 shooting and getting badly outplayed down the stretch by his Blazers’ counterpart LaMarcus Aldridge.

Bosh’s scoring average has dipped about six points a game since his heyday with the Raps—but, clearly, his propensity for making outspoken and ill-timed statements in the media is still going strong.

• Chris Bosh sounds off following loss []

  • dave

    lol I know everyone loves to hate on bosh and talk about he’s half a player but coming from a Raptors fan I got to admit they don’t use bosh at all, they talk about him being a center piece of crappy teams but those teams weren’t bad they were just bad when they were bad and could beat anyone when they were good, if you know bosh needs the ball in his hands more maybe you should give him the ball more, get his offense going get his confidence up and watch every other stat category rise because he is inspired, the only reason bosh looks bad is because he is drawing all the double teams allowing wade and Lebron to feed, so in order for this team to work for wade and bron’s ego is for bosh to get crappy stats and suck it in and deal with everyone’s abuse good for bosh that’s hes complaining but he should tell spoelstra before he tells the media

  • Ranly

    What games were you watching. Are you trying to say that Rupaul Is the one getting double team when Wade and Lebron is on the same floor. Are you kidding me. Bosh is the third option. When “Unnis islum” returns, Bosh will be the forth option. Bosh wanted exposure and now he is been exposed.

  • Rich

    who is this guy?
    man, Bosh’s numbers are down, because he is a ball hog, period. cannot make himself available under the post, because he is Rupaul.
    when are people going to understand, he is what he is, a tall dude that has a few moves, but cannot carry a team and never will. if you have problems with Wade and James on your team… dude you are screwed!
    i bet it was him cryin, wouldn’t surprise me in the least,
    he’s probably thinking about what he left, and the Raps young players now going “damn, i should have trusted BC, but i’m an idiot!!

  • jlaw

    24 points and 9 rebounds against the Lakers the night after makng those statements. Bosh outplayed Pau Gasol (outscored him 24-20 and outrebounded him 9-5). Its a proven fact that the Heat are better when Bosh is on the floor either paired with Wade or Lebron than a Wade Lebron combination. I’m not sure why you’re calling him an idiot for speaking his mind just like every other player. Oh that’s right he didn’t stick around for the latest Raptor mess.