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Real Estate


House of the Week: $1.3 million for an eccentric laneway live-work space near Casa Loma

House of the Week: 2 Dartnell Avenue

Address: 2 Dartnell Avenue
Neighbourhood: Casa Loma
Agent: Nancy Freeman and Elden Freeman, Freeman Real Estate Ltd.
Price: $1,328,000

The Place: A live-work space tucked into a laneway near Bathurst and Dupont.

Bragging Rights: If the many workshop spaces throughout the home aren’t your thing, they could fairly easily be turned into enormous, light-filled bedrooms. And that lofted DJ space isn’t too shabby, either.

Big Selling Point: This home comes with a whopping 8 parking spaces in the vacant front lot, which the owner could use to park a whole fleet of cars, or even (permits permitting) as a place to build an addition.

Possible Deal Breaker: While this house is a good fit for one’s inner child, with lofty spaces and ladders and workshops throughout, it’s probably not particularly great for actual children. Careful supervision of any young ones romping around is probably a good idea.

By the Numbers:

• $1,328,000
• 8 parking spaces
• 4 bathrooms
• 2 bedrooms
• 2 refrigerators
• 2 stoves
• 1 ladder
• 1 laneway

  • laura

    whoa!!! I would have priced it at no more than $350,000

  • Andy

    you must be kidding..

  • Matt Stokes

    Are you kidding me? There are no words to express the horror up in here.

  • Jess Geez

    HAHAHAHA! Is the rusty door included? I mean, WOW.

  • Jamie Merkel

    Location, location… location?

  • Havingalook

    Is it even legally zoned for residential inhabiting? What fun it would be if you did have a zillion dollars to do something with it – such as demolishing it and starting fresh.

  • miriyum

    I believe Toronto Life has lost credibility. I feel like I’ve been pitched by a snake oil salesman. Next they’ll be featuring the divine possibilities that could be found under a bridge.

  • Basil

    I’m pretty sure that even if I had $1.3 million I wouldn’t spend it on a dilapidated garage…oops, sorry laneway “live-work space”.

  • LegalEagle

    Ha! I thought perhaps I had my small town blinders on when I thought this seemed insane. Glad to know I’m not the only one. I live around the corner, and can confirm this place looks like a shack in an alley.

  • chris

    The vapor plastic wrap ceiling has me sold 1.3M seems cheap now. In a few years everyone will have this kind of ceiling!

  • Emily


  • JV

    hmm. 1.3 million for a beautiful penthouse?…or 1.3 million for a horrendous pile of shit. Let me put my thinking cap on.

  • vendetta247

    $1.3 million for a $hithole? House of the week? Really?

    This is the reason a correction is sure to come.