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Real Estate


House of the Week: $6.7 million for a classic home with a designer interior in Rosedale


Address: 56 Binscarth Road
Neighbourhood: Rosedale-Moore Park
Agent: Mimi Wood and Lisa Robinson, Sotheby’s International Realty Canada, Brokerage
Price: $6,675,000

The Place: A detached, fully renovated brick-and-stone home on one of Rosedale’s prettiest tree-lined streets.

Bragging Rights: The gargantuan master bedroom has a terrace big enough to entertain at least 25 of the owner’s closest friends.

Big Selling Point: It’s an older property, but this completely reconstructed home puts to bed any stereotypes about shoebox-sized rooms covered in dusty paint. Designed by Ray Murakami and Powell & Bonnell, the interior has grand common rooms, bedrooms with en suite baths and top-of-the-line finishes.

Possible Deal Breaker: With five bedrooms on the upper floors and two in the basement, it would take a lot of people to make this house feel full.

By The Numbers:

• $6,675,000
• $16,390.06 in property taxes (2013)
• 7,809 square feet of living space
• 8 bathrooms
• 5 bedrooms
• 4 parking spots
• 2.5 storeys
• 1 gas fireplace
• 1 terrace
• 1 heritage designation
• 1 ELAN home-automation system

  • sarstan

    It’s nice, but it’s priced too high compared to other properties in Rosedale.

  • Jack

    I am sick and tired of people like you dictating what a price should be. This is a matter of supply and demand not your own dumb opinion! Please explain how you came up with a price for this property? did you base it on the fact that you can only afford to rent a basement?

  • Brent

    He said “relative to other properties in Rosedale.” Looking at comparable properties is a pretty good way of establishing value, actually.

  • Nicola

    This is the stuff of my dreams.

  • Chris

    *Hands Jack ointment*
    This’ll help with the burn.

    Well said Brent.

  • Flootie McTootie

    Move the five to where the six is and change it to a four and then we’ll talk.

  • Warren

    Why does the “Library” with its “panelled walls” have no books or bookcases in it?

  • Jack

    To the 2 morons above me…7800 Sqf of living space, 4 car parking, 8 bathrooms, 5+2 bedrooms in a proper done up solid looking heritage home sitting on a 7500Sqf lot in Rosedale. This kind of home is a rare enough non depreciating commodity without the renovation. Find another one that is listed like it this year then speak. Otherwise your letters are seen as farts blown out of your a$$e$. And again I state supply and demand has always been the key ingredient to the rise and fall of anything since the beginning of time not your bullcrap senseless predictions. The problem with your dumb predictions is that they are based on your lack of ability to accomplish

  • faramarz

    Mine too! Possibly the best property featured on the site yet!

  • Shalu7

    and YOUR opinion is as equally irrelevant. Go take your meds and then call your Dr.

  • Shalu7

    Lol, my my, you’re a firecracker! I hope you dont own any sharp objects, you might hurt yourself in your fit of rage.

  • LC

    damn. this is one nice house. can i live here?

  • Chris

    U mad?
    Easy now keyboard warrior, your rage is astounding.

    Did someone eat your last donut? I’m sorry for your loss.

  • maxvaliquette

    Hey ragemonster, of the 45 or so fully detached house properties currently on the market in the broader Rosedale area, this is the fourth most expensive. There are lots of bigger homes – nicer is in the eye of the beholder, but nicer ones also – that are less expensive. This is a very expensive property, but expensive for what it is and – critically – as Sarstan said, priced too high compared to other properties in Rosedale. That’s what the original poster said. You’re the exact reason why comment boards can suck sometimes: you were personally insulting to someone when they ventured an opinion; you acted without having done the research yourself implied that you somehow knew facts; and then, in a fit of pique that (thankfully) revealed that you’re sort of a jerk, brought assumptions of money and status into this. Leave the Internet, dude.

  • Steve Bako

    Jack is a realtor.. one of the crooked ones who think they know it all, arrogant and overinflate the property to get more $$$$. Take a laxative , Jack!

  • Dan

    Not to mention that it is the Toronto Life property of the week, which by definition means it is having trouble selling at the inflated asking price…

  • sarstan

    LOL. I just saw an email letting me know that Jack had chimed in on my comment. I didn’t mean to cause his blood pressure to sky rocket with my dumb opinion that this house is priced high compared to other properties listed in Rosedale.

  • Kate

    This is my house! That is .. in my dreams