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Bridle Path North: nine astounding megamansions in Vaughan

Bridle Path North: nine astounding megamansions in Vaughan

Cheap acreage has long made Vaughan and the surrounding area ripe for big builds. No longer. An Ontario pro-density act discouraging mega-mansions has sparked a race to erect mammoth homes in subdivisions that were approved before the legislation. Here, nine odes to excess north of North York.

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  • thominto

    Most of these houses are awful.

  • Flootie McTootie

    Justifiable arson is a thing, right?

  • dork

    the trappings of success

  • Mike

    funny how this was not in my issue…

  • VoodooLove

    I can’t believe how horribly tacky every one of those houses is. They just scream “Look at me, I want everyone to see how much money I have, yet how little taste I have”. I would honestly be embarrassed to live in any of those places.

  • vic

    grotesque display of new money. Would NEVER live in the burbs. All these homes are tacky especially the versailles/greek monstrosity. No amount of money can buy taste or class. C