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The Sell: one couple’s rush to offload their semi after impulse-buying the house of their dreams

The Sell: the story of one couple's rush to offload their semi after impulse-buying the house of their dreams

Couple (Image: Erin Leydon)

The sellers: Anthony Boulos, a 38-year-old investment sales manager, and Mélissa Tremblay, a 36-year-old ­translator.

The property: A two-storey semi near Kingston Road and ­Victoria Park.

The story: Boulos, an MLS junkie, stumbled across a listing for the house of his dreams last summer. The century home was just a few blocks from his place and had a large backyard with a pool—something he and his wife pined for. They pounced on the chance to upsize while mortgage rates were still low. Now they needed to get rid of their old place—and quickly.

The prep: Before putting their semi on the market, Boulos and Tremblay repainted the main floor and cleared some clutter. Their agent, Sue Anfang, dubbed it the Mint House for the pale-green painted brick exterior and, to generate buzz, handed out gift bags containing mints and photos of the property. Then, serendipitously, the TTC shut down the intersection of Kingston and Vic Park, rerouting cars right past their door.

The offers: Foot traffic was heavy during a weekend-long open house in August. By Sunday—still two days before the set offer date—Anfang had heard from six interested buyers, including one bully bidder. To give the others a chance to put in their offers, Boulos and ­Tremblay moved the deadline up to Sunday evening. As it turned out, the pre-­emptive offer was still the highest: $75,100 over asking. The sale closed in November, and Boulos and ­Tremblay moved into their new place the same month.

  • Steve Bako

    would have been great to know more about that little semi that sold over asking for a whopping $675K (CRAZY!) before being able to comment…. regardless, just goes to show the madness continues and stupid people are still out there to pay over asking!

  • Joseph Carlisle

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  • Brooklin10

    The key to selling your home besides having a great realtor is to prep. Clean, remove clutter, repair & paint. Ensure front entrance is welcoming. We’ve had good and bad realtor’s, I am much more selective on the person who is going to represent my home in this market.

  • Kendra Knox

    Melissa Tremblay’s clothes always smelled disgustingly musty when she lived in that house. Did the new buyer check for mold???? I guess the green paint was meant to cover that up!!!!
    Plus, their dog pee peed everywhere all the time, I hope the house was sanitized. If the new owner reads this: Be smart, gut the house and start fresh. Boulos and Tremblay we’re not A+ in the cleanliness department.
    The price had to be about location, nothing else.

  • V.A.

    More details on this house can be seen on
    The home was presented in a pristine condition and was cherished by only 3 owners that took really good care of it.