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Quoted: David Mirvish can’t believe the city won’t embrace his Frank Gehry mega-development

(Image: George Pimentel/WireImage/Getty)

I’m bemused because I thought I would be welcome with open arms, and that there wasn’t a more appropriate place for this type of activity than this block on King Street.

David Mirvish, on the unproductive, year-long negotiations with city planners over his proposed condo mega-project designed by Frank Gehry. The city is balking at the King West development’s height and density, and the four heritage buildings that would have to come down to make way for it. Meanwhile, Mirvish says that downsizing the already tweaked designs would completely derail the architecturally ambitious project. Come January, Mirvish plans to appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board, which, given its pro-development reputation, we’re betting will give the proposal the green light. [Toronto Star]

  • Geoffrey Grace

    I’m pro development but don’t want to see heritage buildings go. Our cities history should be protected while embracing exciting new projects on parcels with no historic value.

  • TOdowntowner

    The designs are ugly and provide nothing to the community. I’m surprised he isn’t trying to get the Royal Alex’s heritage designation removed so he can demolish it too.

  • Michael Harris

    The city is awash in dull, generic and mediocre condo towers and nobody has put a fuss. Here we have an opportunity to build something truly remarkable and everybody and his brother wants to put a stop to it. Stop thinking like a small backwater burg Toronto! Step up and do something daring for a change.