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Developer Brad Lamb calls out the “greedy parking hogs” in The Beach, High Park and the Annex

”Get with it, this is the future.” (Image: Facebook)

Downtown residents, developers and the city have long bickered over the appropriate amount of parking for new condo buildings. Now, as condos move steadily outward, that same debate is flaring up in other parts of the city. Take The Beach, an area known for its anti-development fervour. Residents say a 70-unit project at Queen and Woodbine needs more than the 65 parking spots currently slated because street parking is already scarce. (Yet that ratio is still more generous than many buildings downtown, where developer Brad Lamb says he aims for roughly half as many parking spots as units.) But developers argue putting in more than the bare minimum of parking is bad business: with the popularity of car-shares rising and parking space prices eclipsing $50,000, many spaces go unsold. The always outspoken Lamb offered a solution: “Everybody, including the greedy parking hogs in the Beach and in High Park and in the Annex and all the other places . . . they need to understand. Get with it, this is the future.” Somehow, we doubt condo naysayers in The Beach are going to take his advice. [Toronto Star]

  • Jer

    I really wish this guy would realize that he has indirectly done irreparable damage to this city. Condo after ugly-ass condo. And his “reasoning” at the end just reeks of douchebaggery.

  • Scotty Real

    Ok I’ll admit that BJL doesn’t come across very well, but his body of work when it comes to condos beats pretty much any other firm hands down. He has nothing to do with Cityplace (ugh) nor the ghastly Aura (Canada’s tallest condo) at Yonge/Gerrard, nor the cookie cutter 40 storey non descript condos popping up in Clubland

    Instead his firm has given us density appropriate buildings, with the most notable one being the recently completed Parc condos overlooking Stanley Park (King/Stafford). The massing and quality of materials of the this building are one of the best we have seen in the current condo boom.

    Yes he comes across as a d-bag but if we are going to fill this city with condos, I would much rather BJL handling it rather than crappy developers like Urban Corp, Lifetime, Pinnacle, etc. Tridel and Great Gulf build quality buildings, but in terms of looks they leave a lot to be desired.

    And in an era where we have a Mayor who is out too lunch (literally and figuratively) when it comes to public transit, walkable neighbourhoods and bike lanes, doesn’t BJL have a point – we need to move away from our dependence on the automobile in Toronto.

  • bm

    Calls others greedy. Why is exactly is he upset about this again? Oh ya, money.

  • ZachSwan

    What a bonehead. Who is the greedy one demanding $50,000 for a parking spot? Unlike downtown, with nothing but those da#n turtle-speed streetcars servicing the area you pretty much have to have a car.

  • Laurie Flynn

    Sorry folks but I am with Brad, and I live in the Beach. Parking Hogs is an understatement, and such giant cases of Not In My Backyard that I have ever heard of. FYI, we are NOT special nor should we be treated differently than any other neighbourhood in Toronto. Unfortunately this neighbourhood wants to be ‘urban’ but acts suburban, ie: many cars per family, people who are reluctant to take the dreaded TTC, giant SUVs everywhere. Either be a city person or not, but do not expect to have it both ways.

  • Murktastic

    A condo developer calling other people greedy? Oh the irony. Many people who buy (actually more likely rent) condos downtown don’t have cars becuase they can’t afford them. When you’re paying almost $2,000 a month for 600 sq. ft. a car is luxury to a lot of people. Ask most of them if they’d own a car if they could afford it and the answer is almost always a resounding yes.

  • W. K. Lis

    I think that the reason so many of the public storage facilities are mushrooming in the city is because of the lack or tiny size of storage in condos. If there are empty parking spaces in the garages of condo buildings, why don’t they shuffle the parking to one floor or section and put up fireproof partitions (with venting screens near the ceiling). Then either allow the sale or rental of the new storage units to the condo owners.

    How many houses in the area actually use their garages for their cars?

  • lmno

    i wonder what kind of bicycle uses to drive around the city?

  • Zuchini

    Off the mark. The problem with Lamb is he likes to go around and take shots at other developers and buildings but he still has a lot to learn if he wants to be regarded as a reputable developer. Pinnacle, Tridel, Great Gulf are light years ahead of Lamb. I have purchased units from all 3. Lamb is by far the worst.