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Real Estate


Condomonium: $4.2 million for a four-bedroom penthouse in an amenity-laden building

ADDRESS: 10 Bellair Street, Lower Penthouse 4


AGENT: James Benson, Keller Williams Realty

PRICE: $4,200,000

THE PLACE: A nearly 4,000-square-foot lower penthouse in the No. 10 Bellair Residences, an upscale Yorkville building with valet parking, a sky garden, a spa and fresh floral arrangements in the lobby every week.

BRAGGING RIGHTS: Feng shui expert Malca Narrol designed the unit’s open plan and rounded hallways, which give it excellent flow.

BIG SELLING POINT: The suite spans nearly the entire 26th floor, which means it has views in all four cardinal directions. The agent swears you can see as far as Oakville on a clear day.

POSSIBLE DEAL BREAKER: Some of the finishes—particularly the bathroom tiling—are not for the faint of heart.

• $4,200,000
• Just under $2 million in upgrades
• Roughly 4,000 square feet of interior space
• $3,070.67 in monthly maintenance fees
• 26 floors up
• 10-foot-high ceilings
• 4 bedrooms
• 4 bathrooms
• 3 balconies
• 2 entrances
• 2 parking spaces
• 1 gas fireplace

  • C’estWhat?!

    Remind me to never hire “design and colour specialist, Chris Agombar, and architect Rohan Walters” for my place. They must’ve come last in their respective classes.

  • H Hillier

    Wow, this is deplorable – needs to be gutted and renovated in its entirety.

  • Jam

    the horror ….the horror….

  • shuei fung

    Wow is that ugly!

  • Symon Demers

    The only positive thing I can say about this is the location.
    Considering the asking price, one would think the owner could afford a stager….wtf is with the bare mattress in the second bedroom?!

  • Reality Check

    $2M in “upgrades” for this $4.2M condo?

    Whoever buys this sucker is over-paying by $2M for someone else’s bleh renos.

  • Tim S.

    it would be perfect, if only there were some glass blocks used in the design.

  • Jaki

    this is one hot mess…

    seen some really dreadful million dollar condos here- but this one takes the cake.. everything about it is odd..
    from the entrance way- imagine moving anything in- it would be a nightmare – the kitchen – what is that.. looks like it could double as a veterinary hospital room.. just overlook the oven to the left..
    the whole place is cold.. it looks like it should be an office loft.. the design is atrocious – the layout is not convenient at all.. everything looks crammed in..
    and what is with having a balcony just off the bathroom..
    ya- I want to expose my most personal space – who takes a bath having the doors opened – can you imagine in winter.. that bathroom regardless of it being heated or not it would be an icebox.. $4.2 Million???? want to see the idiot who buys this one.. yorkville- shmorkville.. I know location location.. but take that money and buy a mansion in Bridle Path..

  • Jaki

    haha!.. just had to add this:

    you can get a $3.5 million dollar home ( I stress HOME ).. just up the street a few blocks over and for a bargain price- $1 million less than this disgrace..
    what is thee most logical choice.. I say the above link..
    this is what $million plus should get you.. condo prices are just ridiculous – this condo should be in a NORMAL world $200,000 tops.. nowhere near the million mark..

  • lol

    Seeing this disgusting choices you choose to publish in this column is one of the highlights on my week.

  • Mat

    One of the UGLIEST condos I have ever seen relative to its price point. Hideous!!

    Design and colour specialist, Chris Agombar, architect Rohan Walters and feng shui expert Malca Narrol should all be fired.

  • Eat the Rich

    Ugh. The caption describing the flattened seashells from Afghanistan and painting the bloody pillar 15 times to get the right shade of orange was so obnoxious I read it out loud to my wife.

  • ra-inman

    Look like Pat benitare barfed out a condo!!

  • Johnny

    Oh come on people!!! its not too bad.. I love it…. agree, the staging could be better and could they not get a gas stove versus that dreadful thing on a counter top in the middle of that mysterious kitchen. The minimalistic approach is awesome, the maint fee are wacko but I would pay the $2mil for it…. not a penny more… remember people the art of Feng Shui is only for people who understands the deep thinking of what goes into it… bear that in mind! Cheers…

  • Francis Kan

    Not too bad…. but no style & taste !!!!

  • I know better

    All I see after reading these comments is a bunch of jealous people that don’t know what they are talking about and have obviously never taken the time to even go look… And by the way if you could afford to live there you could afford to change whatever they like!

  • YoMama

    This is disgusting. WTF? Feng-shui??? More like chow-mein. The walls, dirty sheets, and uncovered mattress. Goes to show that while money may buy this penthouse, it cant buy taste. Or cleanliness. Oh and poor sellers who are relying on the integrity and honesty of their agent to publicize their property in the best way possible.

  • Tim S.

    Yeah, we’re all a bunch of jealous people that don’t know what we’re talking about. I love it when it gets to that point…it’s Godwin’s law for Toronto Life house profiles. Perhaps we’re a bunch of jealous Nazis?

    Plus, if we could afford to live there, we’d buy something better somewhere else.

  • Anita

    I don’t like to comment on the decorating, everyone has there own taste, but what the hell???????? My God the tile selection alone is terrible. and if you are asking $4.2 mil, you can’t spring for some bedding in the one bedroom?
    Where the hell was the $2mil in upgrades spent?

  • Ikea Monkey

    Dollar-for-dollar this is easily the funniest entry I have ever seen in this column. And it works on so many levels!

  • Alex

    ‘Condomonium’. Intentional?

  • ashlee

    I am neither jealous nor envious,this is simply a butt ugly house.The details are dated (regardless of one’s taste) and gaudy..and witrh all that space and money WHY would you put a washer and dryer in the kichen?!?!?!?Seriously …as for “if you could afford to live there” Frankly,most who can are way smarter with their money ..that’s why….

  • havingalook2

    Who does laundry in the kitchen? Is it because the rest of the place is too scary to be in? Frightening, absolutely frightening. If this place sells – well then there no accounting for taste.