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Real Estate


House of the Week: $14 million for an unimaginably grand Bridle Path mansion

ADDRESS: 52 Post Road

NEIGHBOURHOOD: Bridle Path-Sunnybrook-York Mills

AGENT: Jay Bleiweis and Chloe Marie Leibel, Forest Hill Real Estate Inc., Brokerage

PRICE: $13,995,000

THE PLACE: An over-the-top European-style mansion with five bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a jaw-dropping front foyer and the same Versailles-like charm as Suzanne Rogers’s place.

BRAGGING RIGHTS: At 2,500 square feet, the coach house is bigger than most of the city’s abodes, containing two bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen, a living room and a dining room.

BIG SELLING POINT: Everything you need to throw a gala fundraiser, wedding or epic house party is on hand: an enormous wine cellar, four full kitchens (two in the home, one in the coach house and one in the pool house) and an echoing grand foyer with room for 300 of your closest friends.

POSSIBLE DEAL BREAKER: With digs this sprawling, you might need a Segway to get around.

• $13,995,000
• $70,005.10 in taxes (2011)
• 15,000 square feet, plus a 7,500-square-foot lower level
• 2,500-square-foot coach house
• 14-foot ceilings
• 10 bathrooms
• 5 bedrooms
• 4 kitchens
• 2 fireplaces
• 1 wine cellar
• 1 outdoor pool
• 1 tennis court

  • sean

    With all of that opulence, why does the interior feel so bland?

  • maash

    $14 million? It’s just a giant ugly suburban house with cheap finishes.

  • runswithscissors


  • B

    Good lord that is ridiculous. At least you’d get a lot of exercise just walking from one room to the next.

    That shot of the foyer is freaking hilarious. And the master bedroom! Cheese-tacular!

  • Humber Bay

    Wow, that is huge, cold and sterile. I’m grateful for growing up in a slightly cramped house that, despite its knick knacks, faults and 1.5 bathrooms for four kids, had warmth and character.

  • margarets

    Hoo boy, this house is a semiotic playground! Interesting how often people with serious money want a house with a pre-Revolutionary French nobility vibe. Of all things.

  • EW !!

    UNIMAGINABLE TACKY IS MORE LIKE IT !!!! who owned this house ? the persian mafia ???

  • lol

    What a shitbox

  • Mat

    Wow, for $14 million the finishes are incredibly basic. Talk about underwhelming! Looks like this builder thinks he can put together a crappy house and ask mega bucks for it just because it’s in the Bridle Path area.

  • km

    Unbelievably hideous. $14 million sure can buy you a whole lotta ugly.


    Liberace called on his Ouija board,He wants his house back.

  • KL

    There is not enough money in the world you can throw at this one to make it seem less, garish and ridiculous. I can hear “let them eat cake” echoing in every room.

  • Lamis Dantas

    That’s a lot of money to spend without being beachfront at least.

  • hollybop

    I can see potential here. Does the Bridal Path already have a funeral home? That said, if my family tried to drag my dead body here, I’d haunt them forever!

  • lee

    Hideous and bland at the same time. What a waste of perfectly good land. Tear it down!

  • Bob

    It has a few nice features, but so much of it- especially the exterior- is just plain ugly.

  • Iggy

    I want to move here by myself and not cut my hair or fingernails for 30 years…

  • danielle

    Hahahahaha! Loving the comments on this post.

  • aa

    turn in into a school.

  • EK

    After looking at a bunch of these I’ve noticed that there clearly is a law of diminishing returns at play. After about $3mm in Toronto, desirability and attractiveness declines at an exponential rate.

  • IR

    I want to stand on that staircase and start singing. So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodnight…

  • Johnny

    Now I know why this house has been listed for so long !! LOL… even with the open house about 6 weeks ago and all the Benz and still could not move. Awful. Trying auctioning it off for $3mil. Ghastly.

  • pc

    listen darlings, call it what you will but don’t call the finishings cheap. The lobby must have cost a fortune and the the attention to artisan detail is appreciated by those who have an understanding of fine craft.

  • Jam

    yes yes the finishes are fine fine fine….but I would love to see it as a headquarters for Toronto Dog Rescue-Resort. Fill it to the brim with Wiener dogs and all their furry friends and cousins…

  • Mat

    PC – Sure, there is some fine artisan detail and use of expensive materials, but the house is plain ugly. The bedrooms looks hideously cheap. More thought should have been put into making the space more welcoming, as opposed to big ugly bland rooms. You can put a very expensive gold chain with a dollar sign around a pigs’ neck, but it’s still a pig.

  • B

    I keep coming back to this post, looking at the picture of the foyer, and giggling hysterically.

  • ashleigh

    Monstrosities like this are designed for some executives bored wife using 11 different architects, interior designers and decorators. She all of a sudden gets busy with her “project” but realizes she actually has no real design sense so devours magazines and dictates what she wants with obtuse descriptions of the pictures. Alternately, she uses obtuse descriptions of some French or Austrian palace-hotel they stayed at last year. Eventually of course frustration and questionable payments have the staff leaving or being fired, replaced by yet another Name she read about in some magazine.

    This is the end result: a feminine swaddling of boring sameness of an “inspired by” insert historical-architecture term here. At least the Russian’s do it with comical ludicrousness, we just do it with bland effeminacy.

  • Jaki

    I love traditional styled homes-
    it is incredibly spacious- and they could have used more furniture- too much empty space..
    it is can only dream to own a house like this.
    the bathroom is the size of my overpriced apartment. FML ;(

  • Mark

    Somebody has to know who owns this…. I have to know … We all want to know. It’s so butt ugly and it reeks of a guy that will listen to nobody and he has probably been padding around this monstrosity by himself since his trophy wife left him .

  • Rose

    The best room of the house is the wine cellar, the rest is just tasteless, lifeless and well, beige. What a waste of all that marble and material.

    Can’t blame the builder though. A lot of these custom made gaudy mansions are built to the specs of the owner. Builders just deliver the products their clients want, however ugly they are sometimes. Builders can’t argue with these royalty wanna bes if they pay this kind of money.

  • Symon DeMers

    @Rose – oh yes the builder can be blamed for this one! It is his own house.

  • RO

    Wait till Dec 21, 2012. Everything will be gone anyway. With all the people suffering we advertise this selfishness

  • Shake your head

    Turn it into a homeless shelter…

  • Me Thinks

    Public Masturbation, that’s what this is.

  • Cathy

    Absolutely pc, but with a derivative approach to design, unencumbered by allegiance to one style or a sense of historical propriety.

  • Eddie M

    I would take it for less than $10m